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— On Friday, a fan posted on Eric Bischoff’s Facebook page, saying that if he were in any other business and had not delivered for them the way that he hasn’t delivered for TNA, he would have been fired by now. Bischoff actually called the audio blog that the poster does and took him to task for what the blogger posted. Bischoff noted every incorrect statement the guy made and asked him if he knew confidential company numbers. Bischoff totally distanced himself from the creative process in the call, implying it needed repair. The blogger mentioned that “TNA has lost more money this year than they have lost in the last seven combined”, and Bischoff asked him how he knew that. The blogger said it was on the internet and anyone could find it. Bischoff said that was wrong and that TNA’s numbers are not public knowledge because they are a private company. Bischoff would not divulge any numbers himself. Bischoff also put over TNA Reaction and Hulk Hogan merchandising. Bischoff really came at the guy hard and his replies sucked to be honest.

— Dutch Mantell has posted a chapter from his book at

— Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne for the TNA Women’s Knockouts Championship has been announced for TNA’s Genesis pay-per-view. The event takes place Jan. 9, 2011.

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