RAW News, Taz & Tony Atlas Speak Out, & More News

-- Right After Wrestling recently interviewed Taz, which you can check out at https://radio.thescore.com/ Here is an excerpt… "When companies try to re create history in their business…that pisses me off. Unfortunately I've worked for some companies that have done it at that time. I've voiced my opinions with those companies behind the scenes that I personally wasn't happy. I didn't expect them to stop that. These companies try to re-do and re create ECW because it worked. I don't see anyone trying to re-do WCW. ECW worked because the stars were aligned perfectly at that time. It was that era, that group of people, that leader in Paul Heyman. We were that little engine that could."

-- Right After Wrestling recently interviewed Tony Atlas. Here is an excerpt… "In the early 80's, I went to LA. It was my decision to get involved in drugs which screwed me up at the beginning of my career. I became homeless in 1989. This lady saw me sleeping in the park in Maine, didn't know who I was. I had been homeless for a year and half. I slept on the park bench. That day, it was 22 below zero and she invited me into her home. When Vince tried to get a hold of me, he didn't know how to reach me. Vince didn't know how to get a hold of me so a policeman told me he had a number of someone who wanted to reach me so I called Vince and he told me about the idea of bringing me back as Saba Simba. Before I went homeless I was 280 pounds, when she found me I was 190 pounds and when I went back to Vince I was 240 pounds. Saba Simba saved my life."

-- Ryan Mulloy sent this one in: Thanks to DVR, I chose to watch How I Met Your Mother instead of Raw. Nothing groundbreaking here, but at some point Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) plans on spending his Christmas bonus on a diamond-crusted pinstriped suit called "The DiBiase." I assume that it was based on The Million Dollar Man, and not his son, since they put it over as important to the episode and made it kind of a big deal about it. (Unnecessary Ted DiBiase Jr. burn!) Anyway, they showed the suit later with Barney wearing it, and it was pretty ridiculous, but nowhere near as bad some of DiBiase's old 80s-tastic outfits.


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