Report: John Cena Being Considered For New TV Series

John Cena is reportedly being considered for a television adaption of the James Cameron film True Lies, which is currently being developed, according to

The report doesn't indicated that the WWE Superstar has been approached, just that he is on the production company's radar. It's important to note that nowhere in the report does it state Cena has even been officially approached or offered anything, just that he is on the radar for the role.

"I've been involved in a new 3D animated over at [company removed]. Had heard Tuesday that the True Lies telemovie and the series that will follow, which Lightstorm are doing, are looking at John Cena," a source told the website. "Don't know if he'd be a new character or Schwarzenegger's character from the film. It's still early because they're only on the first draft but thought you'd like to know what kind of 'type' they're considering for the show."



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