Snitsky Speaks On His Nasty Yellow Teeth, Malenko Update

Half Pint Brawlers, which aired on Spike TV a few months ago, has been picked up by MTV Australia. The program debuts next month.

– There had been some discussion regarding the health of WWE producer Dean Malenko, but his wife posted on Facebook that he suffered a heart attack. He had a stent placed in his heart, but many in WWE denied he suffered a heart attack.

– In early 2007, Gene Snitsky debuted a psychotic madman character on World Wrestling Entertainment's now-defunct ECW brand. He drastically changed his appearance for the role by shaving his hair and eyebrows, and giving his teeth a darkish yellow hue. He revealed details behind his teeth being made yellow during an appearance on the Right After Wrestling radio show. "I hated (painting my teeth yellow)," Snitsky revealed. "I had to carry this vial around that looked like nail polish, get my teeth dry, apply the stuff, air brush it dry, it was a pain the ass. It was Vince's idea. He came up to me and said he wanted me to portray this character and to see if I can get my teeth yellow and see the makeup artist to see if she can do anything. My mom even called me on the phone after she saw it to say 'what on earth are you doing to yourself!' And I said to say 'mom, it's TV so I gotta do it!'" The former WWE star also discussed his acting career including his latest project, Manos: The search for Valley Lodge; how he felt portraying a "baby killer;" why he felt his various characters throughout the years never got off the ground; teaming with Goldust and how that iteration of his career was most like him in real life. The full interview can be accessed at