Credit: Alex Hernandez, John Benoit and PWInsider

First Set:
*Kazarian defeated both members of Generation Me and Robbie E in a Four Way bout. Jay Lethal was doing commentary.

*Sarita attacks Velvet Sky backstage and hangs her with a belt. Angelina Love makes the save.

*Madison Rayne & Tara vs. The Beautiful People is the scheduled Knockouts Tag Title tournament final. Sky cant wrestle because of the attack. Love goes solo but Winter comes out and tags in. Winter and Love win the tag belts.Velvet is nowhere to be seen. She's probably too hurt from the attack. Winter comes out towards the end to be Angelina's tag partner. She gets tagged in and cleans house. Winner via catatonic to Madison from Winter and new Knockouts Tag champions, Winter & Angelina Love.

*TNA champion Douglas Williams vs. AJ Styles goes to a draw. They restart and go to another draw. They set up a rematch at Genesis with the TV title vs. Styles leaving Fortune if he loses.

Second set:
I arrived as they were filming a vignette with The Pope and Samoa Joe for 1/6 that pretty much set up a future match.

Jan 31st Impact:
*Sarita defeated Angelina Love in a strap match. They had special graphics announcing the last Impact of 2010 and "Impact 2011" on the screens. Sarita worked over Love after the match until Velvet Sky made the save.

12/23 Impact:
*Jeff Jarrett defeated The Amazing Red in about a minute.

*Jeff Jarrett vs. The Amazing Red's brother in a MMA challenge. Jarrett is now doing Kurt Angle's entrance. Red interferes when Jarrett tries to use the guitar so its a no contest and Jarrett keeps the money.

Impact 12/31:
Madison Rayne came out to cut a promo in a New Year's Eve grown with the TNA Knockouts championship, carried by four men in tuxedos to the ring. Rayne brags about her dress being an $80,000 Vierra Wang design and cuts a promo on Mickie James. James comes to the ring and attacks her, ripping off Rayne's dress. Rayne runs away in her bra and panties.

TNA Xplosion:
*Gunner and Murphy defeated Ink, Inc.

Sarita pinned Miss Tessmacher.