Vance Archer recently spoke about his WWE release and more, here are some highlights…

On His WWE Release: "The reason given to me was budget reasons. I understand that life, the economy, everything around us has kinda gone to crap it seems like. It's hard for anybody and everybody, including big businesses, to make money, keep money, and keep moving forward themselves. So, I understand the business aspect of it. Do I think it was a good business decision? Absolutely not. It caught me off guard."

On Teaming Up With Curt Hawkins: "Curt's an amazing talent. I think if given the opportunity he's gonna be somebody that can succeed. We were kinda thrown together as a tag team. He hadn't be on television or even on the road for a year or something like that and he calls me up one night and he's like, 'Hey man, remember that idea I pitched a year ago? Well, it's happening. Were gonna be a tag team.'"

You can check out the full interview below: