Entertainment Weekly is reporting tonight that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be returning to WWE to host Tough Enough when the reality show returns to the USA Network on April 4th, 2011. The hope is that Austin’s starpower will help to deliver ratings.

Here is an excerpt from the article from EW.com:

“I was so hoping there’d be some way to get Al Snow back, but I guess I will just have to, er, toughen up. Steve Austin is one of the WWE’s crossover stars ? even non-wrestling fans like me are pretty familiar with him, and he obviously has plenty of on-screen experience. What I liked so much about Snow as the mentor, though, was his ability to turn off that in-ring persona and be a strict teacher, a focused father figure, and occasional goofball. I’m hoping Austin has that same knack, and isn’t just Stone Cold Steve Austin TM with his mentees; I hope sometimes he’s just a regular dude.”

You can check the full article out by clicking here.

Source: Entertainment Weekly