Ex-WWE Writer: McCool's Position & Relationship W/ 'Taker

Many have attributed Michelle McCool's high-ranking status in World Wrestling Entertainment to her real-life relationship with The Undertaker. The two, who are now married, became a couple in late 2007 and she has been arguably the most spotlighted ? and criticized ? female competitor in the organization ever since. McCool herself is well aware of her critics as she frequently brushes them off on her Twitter account.


John Piermarini, a former writer with WWE, recently started a blog (https://www.wrestlingrecall.blogspot.com/) recalling numerous behind the scenes stories which occurred during his two year stint with the organization. He reveals that he was the exclusive writer of Lay-Cool and adamantly denies McCool receiving preferential treatment due to her relationship with The Undertaker.

Piermarini wrote,"Vince McMahon appointed me the exclusive writer for LayCool. Not because she got that special privilege but because we asked for it. Let me take this time to say Michelle McCool gets zero favors because she is married to Undertaker. Michelle McCool accomplished everything she got because she was the best.


"If you need to blame someone you need to blame me because I was the one who would push hard for anything Michelle got on TV. Michelle could wrestle and Michelle could talk, a lot of MALE Superstars can't do that and Michelle would have been successful with or without Undertaker. There were a lot of people who wanted to see Michelle fail and she fought that the entire time I was there."

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