Full Details On Batista's Latest Movie; MMA Note

Former WWE star Batista recently filmed a new crime/drama movie called "House of the Rising Sun", alongside Dominic Purcell and Craig Fairbrass.

Batista's character Ray is a former crooked cop and ex-con, now working as a bouncer for the strip club "House of the Rising Sun". Halloween evening, the nightclub is robbed and the mob boss/owner's son is shot dead. Ray must get to the bottom of the robbery as the club's manager, Tony, has set Ray up to look like the fall guy so that Tony can take over as mob boss.


The film, written by Chuck Hustmyre and directed by Brian Miller is currently in post production and sheduled for a June 01, 2011 release.

There are still conflicting reports about Baista's MMA career. Last word was that he'll be fighting for Strikeforce between April and June.