Goldberg To WWE HOF?, Adamle's Arrest, Christian-FCW

Partial Source:

– Both Paul Heyman and Bill Goldberg have given Shawn Michaels their congratulations for getting into the Hall of Fame. There's been talk within the company of getting Goldberg in due to the ten-year anniversary of WCW folding, but Michaels and Triple H have both said they don't think he belongs in.


– The Royal Rumble is being advertised as $49.95 for HD, a five dollar rise from SD as opposed to the usual ten dollars.

– Christian (out with a torn pectoral muscle) appeared at Friday nights FCW event. He did a 'meet and greet' session prior to the show.

– A Chicago Sun-Times report is saying that Mike Adamle's blood alcohol level was at .04, below the .08 legal limit, at the time of his DUI arrest. Adamle suffers from epilepsy, and the drug tests he took may show if any medications that he is currently taking would have impaired him. He is still being supported by the local station he sportscasts on and has not been fired.