Here We Go Again - Val Venis Vs. Matt Hardy - Round 2

Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Jamie Dundee has picked up the gauntlet and said he wants to fight Joey Styles. Styles recently recorded a segment introducing an episode of ECW on WWE's On Demand service, and in it he slammed Dundee. Styles had said that Dundee had to be a mess to get fired from ECW and that he was why PG-13, the tag team he was in with with Kelly Wolfe, never made it in the WWF or ECW. Styles added that if Dundee had a problem with Styles, he had "knocked out bigger men than you." He's obviously referring to JBL. Dundee responded in a video, which you can see below:

-- Val Venis has posted his latest shot at Matt Hardy. Check it out below:

For those wondering what Sean/Val is talking about with the woman at the end choking out 'Hardy', there was a story some time ago that made the rounds saying Hardy ended up being choked out by WWE Diva Eve Torres during a tour of Europe. Paul London has also mentioned this during several interviews. There are several different versions of the story so who knows. We won't get into it here.


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