Huge Backstage Updates: Kevin Nash-Booker T-WWE

– During the rumble match, while Kevin Nash was down, one of the referees spoke with him briefly. After he was eliminated, he did the stare down with The Big Show. This may have been an audible from backstage, due to him being so over. It's possible they may have been trying to plant the seeds for something down the line.


– There was a ton of talk internally about the reactions that Booker T and Kevin Nash got at last night's show. They had two of the biggest pops of the night.

– Booker T signed a long-term deal as noted earlier, but it was planned that he would be a manager who did some wrestling and coaching. But due to his reaction last night and the fact that he can still go, he may get a longer in-ring run. There was talk about programming him with some main event level guys after last night.

– Kevin Nash signed a short term deal, but they are open to doing more business with him. TV is being rewritten today, and their roles on tonight's show should show if they have any serious plans with them going forward.