Jim Ross Blogs: Jack Swagger, Announcers Today, & More

Jim Ross has posted a new blog, here are the highlights…

On Studying Announcers Today: One a related subject....A Twitter follower asked me if I started in wrestling today who would I study to develop my game as a broadcaster. It would be Gordon Solie, Lance Russell, Bob Caudle, Bill Watts, Vince McMahon, and Gorilla Monsoon for starters. Each had their own, natural style and none of them, more often than not, portrayed the role of a wrestling announcer and none of the aforementioned sought to be the 'hip, ESPN Sports Center-type' and strive to be glib and cool and come off as disingenuous.

On Lance Russell: Lance Russell...Had a Tweet about old friend Lance who was the voice of Memphis Wrestling forever and one of the genuinely nicest men in the wrestling business. If the biz had more people like Lance Russell in it over the years there would have been fewer negative issues and dilemmas. Lance had a unique albeit very natural style behind the mic and was arguably as popular, if not more, than the vast majority of wrestlers to ever perform in Memphis.

On Jack Swagger: WWE is taping Smackdown in Tulsa at the new, tricked out BOK Center on Tuesday January 18. I did some media for the event Thursday. Lots of Jack Swagger talk during the interview. I hope that Swagger has a big 2011 and feel that he is a long way away from his peak or approaching his potential. The former Sooner is a superb, natural athlete. The writer also asked me about the soon to be available OU Sooner Football radio gig of which is still on my 'dream job' list but as I have mentioned before I think it's a long shot for me.


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