Jim Ross Blogs: Nunzio-WWE, Watson, Ventura/TSA

Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On Jesse Ventura vs. TSA: "Jesse Ventura suing TSA for unlawful search and seizure essentially suing the Federal Government isn't a shocker. Jesse is outspoken and loves controversy (does it create cash?) likely feels justified in filing his suit and it gets him some media stretch for his TruTV show. He was the most challenging partner that I ever worked with in the broadcast booth which doesn't mean it was a negative experience. Just challenging."

On Nunzio Coming Back To WWE: "Good to see WWE using former wrestler Nunzio as a referee. He's a good guy who is reliable and deserving of opportunity. Nice move by WWE. Quality referees are hard to come by and are so underrated in the process of presenting a good wrestling bout. "

On Percy Watson: "Keep your eye on Percy Watson who is arguably the most athletically gifted athlete WWE has signed in many, many years."

On Bob Caudle: "Why was Bob Caudle so effective as a broadcaster? Simple reason....Bob had no ego and always made sure that the talents came first and was never concerned about promoting himself or making himself a part of the performance to any significant degree. Those days are fading."

On The Legends Roundtable: "One of the topics that I will be working on at the next Legends Roundtable this week are wrestling rivalries. I think that I'm going with Austin vs. Rock for my personal choice and it will be interesting to see who the other panelists select as theirs. I'll keep you abreast via Twitter @JRsBBQ."


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