Major Backstage Update - ROH-HDNet Split

– In regards to ROH finishing up with HDNet, there are some in the company that are happy about the move. Many feel that this will allow the company to find a better outlet with more penetration. On the flip side, some are very worried, remembering what happened at the end of ECW and WCW with talents under contract and no TV outlet.


– There is no plan to drop the idea of signing talents to contracts since the idea is to find a new outlet. ROH is already in discussions with at least one possible new outlet. There was interest from MAVTV in the past, which most feel would be a lateral movement. They have also had discussions with Versus in the past.

– HDNet covered the production costs and subsidized the tapings (one figure mentioned was $10,000 per double shot), but the loss of the series won't hurt the company's bottom line. It will change the number of shows ran over the next few months, which will mean less revenue for the talent. Some talent may see their dates cut in half.

– It is thought that HDNet were covering the salaries of Dave Lagana and Mike Hogwood, and if that was the case, they would likely be gone from the company after their HDNet responsibilities are completed. Lagana may still work with the company, as ROH has brought him in to direct their online PPVs in the past.


– ROH will continue to run in Philadelphia, but they also know that they need to rehabilitate the market. Comp tickets had become easy to come by because they needed people for the tapings, and the goal was not to make money at those shows, but to make the TV product look good.