-- The February 24th taping in North Carolina will not be live, and instead be a taping for two episodes of iMPACT! on SpikeTV as we noted yesterday here on the website. The initial thought by many was that it would be a live broadcast.

-- TNA is experimenting with the tapings on the road. The idea is to bring the excitement that comes with their shows on the road to their television product.

-- Fayetteville, North Carolina was selected due to it being the home state of the Hardy Brothers as well as Ric Flair. Also, it was selected due to the military presence in the city, which should help them fill the venue. If the taping works out, they may do it again in a few months, but nothing is set in stone as of right now.

-- The TNA Lockdown PPV will be on the road. The decision has been made, and they will hold the show at a venue in a market where they draw well for house shows.

-- Here is the updated taping schedule for iMPACT!

* 1/31 taping airing 2/3.
* 2/1 taping airing 2/10.
* 2/14 taping airing 2/17.
* 2/15 taping airing 2/24.
* 2/24 taping airing 3/3 and 3/10.
* 2/28 taping airing 3/17.
* 3/1 taping airing 3/24.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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