Major Update On The Martha Hart Vs. WWE Lawsuit Inside

Martha Hart has backed off of previous claims that Vince and Linda McMahon never apologized to her after Owen Hart's death during a WWF PPV event in May 1999. In the latest filing on December 20th, all parties in the ongoing lawsuit between Hart and the Owen Hart Foundation against World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon, all sides requested that Martha Hart's allegations that there was no apology be removed from the lawsuit filing.


According to the paperwork, attorneys representing the McMahons presented the court with "sworn testimony" dated July 2002 of Hart discussing an apology she received from Vince McMahon. This was during a conversation in which Linda McMahon was also present. Hart's side has until January 15th to respond to the most recent statements in the case. Both sides had a settlement negotiation last month, but they were unable to reach terms.

In the lawsuit, Hart claims that WWE, "violated their original 2000 Settlement Agreement in the wake of Owen Hart's death, that WWE violated the family's privacy with the release of Owen Hart matches and the "Hart & Soul" DVD documentary, that WWE intimates the Owen Hart Foundation endorses their company with the release of Hart's matches and that the rights to Owen's footage reverted back to his estate upon his death." WWE's response has been that the 2000 Settlement Agreement with Hart, which ended her wrongful death lawsuit over Owen's passing, sealed all future claims against the company. It also claims that Owen's WWF performer contract signed over his likeness and rights for WWF (and later WWE) to reproduce for their purposes.