TNA Genesis Results - New Champions Crowned

Event: TNA Genesis Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, January 9th, 2011 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, FL
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TNA Genesis Opener:

We open the show with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight's event. The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to TNA's first big live event of 2011. He immediately begins hyping the main event, and the title implications for Fortune tonight. It looks like we'll be opening the show with the X Division Title match, as Kazarian makes his way out to the ring.


TNA X Division Championship Match
- Jay Lethal (c) vs. Kazarian

Lethal is out next to a big pop from the Impact Zone crowd. He stares Kaz down as he makes his way into the ring. Lethal chases Kaz outside o the ring and back in, hitting a big hurricarana and mounting Kaz, raining down on him with punches. Lethal picks Kaz up and hits him with a big chop and a hip toss but Kaz rolls to the outside. Lethal follows him with a big suicide dive.

Kaz gets up and goes to throw Lethal into the ring apron, but Lethal hops up on the apron and moonsaults off on top of Kaz. Back in the ring, Lethal gets a near fall and follows it up with a hip toss/dropkick combo. Lethal hits Kaz with a big chop in the corner, and follows up with another, but when he tries to send Kaz across the ring, it's turned around and Lethal ends up going shoulder first into the turnbuckle.


Kaz and Lethal trade blows and Lethal catches Kaz's leg, knocking him to his back and slingshotting him into the corner. Lethal hits a big dropkick and it's good for another near fall. Lethal picks Kaz up and drops him right back down with a giant back suplex that's good for another two count. Lethal tosses Kaz into the ropes but he eats a back elbow and a big spinebuster from Kaz to turn the momentum. Kaz mounts Lethal and rains down with punches of his own.

Kaz hits a nice gutwrench suplex and chokes Lethal with his knee across the throat. Kaz chokes Lethal in the ropes and pushes against Letha's back with his boot before picking him up and slamming him to the mat. Kaz hits a big springboard leg drop that's good for a near fall. Lethal struggles up to his feet and takes a couple of forearms from Kaz, ducks a clothesline and comes back with a handspring back elbow and both men are down. Btoh men are up at the same time and they trade blows in the middle of the ring, each getting in several good shots. Kaz rakes Lethal's eyes but Lethal comes back with a chop and leaps over the ropes with Kaz's head in hand, snapping his neck against the top rope.

Lethal gets to the apron and Kaz brings him back in with a slingshot cutter that's good for another near fall. Kaz is frustrated and he takes Lethal up to the top turnbuckle. Kaz goes up after him, but Lethal fights him off with elbows and a big sunset flip powerbomb that's still only good enough for two. Kaz gets up and walks right into an enzugiri and a Lethal combination. Lethal pins Kaz but still only gets a two count and Lethal looks distraught. Lethal tries for a pile driver but Kaz fights out of it, not hitting anything. Kaz rolls out to the apron and comes back in with a slingshot DDT. Kaz puts his feet on the ropes for a cover but Lethal still kicks out at two.


Kaz taunts Lethal as he gets back to his feet and he hits Lethal with a slap to the ace. This looks to fire up Lethal who comes back with a series of quick chops to Kaz, leaving him supported only by the ropes. Lethal picks Kaz up and hits a beautiful suplex and plays to the crowd. Lethal goes out to the apron and begins pounding on the turnbuckle before beginning to climb. Lethal gets to the top but gets caught with an enzugiri from Kaz that stops him cold. Kaz rights Lethal on the turnbuckle and tries for an avalanche reverse tombstone but Lethal fights it off, only to push Kaz into the ref. Kaz pushes on the ropes and Lethal crotches himself. Kaz connects with the reverse tombstone, and pins Lethal, getting the three count, as reported earlier here on WNW.

Winner and NEW TNA X Division Champion: Kaz


Ric Flair and AJ Styles are backstage with Eric Bischoff. Apparently Styles can't wrestling tonight. Bischoff scoffs and talks about how Hogan came into TNA and worked himself so hard that he had to have back surgery, and now apparently because Styles has a limp, he can't wrestle? Styles says his kid wrecked on a four wheeler and Styles went running after him. Bischoff says he doesn't care about his kid, he cares about his promise about Fortune winning the titles. Bischoff and Styles argue and Flair tries to break it up, getting AJ out of the office, but not before Styles tosses something off of Bischoff's desk. Bischoff and Flair both say they need to figure out something to do.


TNA Knockout Women's Championship Match
- Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James

The bell rings and we're ready to kick things off in this one. Kames goes to punch Rayne and Rayne ducks behind the ref, only to be taken off her feet by James into a couple of quick pin attempts. James locks in a headlock and takes Rayne over with a big shoulderblock before trying for another pin. Another headlock and Rayne fights out, only to walk right into a big dropkick that sends Rayne out to the apron. Rayne argues with the referee, and James walks over, using the distraction to bring Rayne in the ring the hard way, locking in an a reverse top wristlock.

Rayne is able to make it to the ropes and Mickes lets her out of the submission. Rayne screams at Mickie, asking if she knows who Rayne is, before taking James down with a hair pull. James comes back with a Thesz press that takes Rayne off of her feet and Rayne makes her way to the outside as soon as she can. Rayne stays on the outside until James comes out, at which point she comes back in the ring. Mickie comes in, and Madison goes right back out, hanging James' head up on the ropes. Rayne chokes James in the ropes and goes for a big kick, but James ducks it, hits a big snap mare and a low dropkick that's good for another near fall. James goes toward Rayne in the corner and Rayne gets a flash pin with her feet on the ropes but it's only good for two. Rayne chokes Mickie in the corner, but Mickie is able to fight her way out with a headscissor drop.


Mickie goes up to the top rope and finds herself taken off by Rayne who pulls Mickie down by her hair. Rayne locks in a body scissors and tries to wear James down and score a pin but she's unable to. Madison throws a bit of a tantrum and locks in a cravat. James is able to fight up to her feet and out of the hold, but Rayne slams her back down to the mat, mounting her back and tearing away at Mickie's face. Rayne locks in a rear chin lock and claws at Mickie's face again, earning a warning from the ref. James fights back to her feet and is able to roll up Rayne, but Rayne kicks out and comes right back with a knee to the gut and a big kick.

Rayne goes for the pin, but she's not able to hold Mickie down after wasting too much time. Rayne just grabs James' hair and pulls straight up. Rayne grabs James' head with her thighs and tries to slam her head into the canvas, but Mickie gets out of it and hits a wheelbarrow slam that she follows up with a series of forearms. James is fired up and getting a great reaction from the fans. Rayne tries to flee to the outside, but Mickie catches her in the ropes and commences with a spanking. Rayne argues with the ref again and rakes James' eyes behind his back. James comes back with a big neckbreaker before going to the top rope and launching herself off with a Thesz press from the top rope.


James kicks Rayne and calls for the DDT, but she's interrupted by Tara, who comes out tothe ring. The referee tries to keep both women apart, and Madison puts on a glove during the distraction. Madison plays possum and waits until Mickie brings her to her feet before hitting her with a big punch to the side of the head with the loaded glove. Madison pins James and retains the belt.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne


Christy Hemme is backstage with Immortal, she congratulates Kaz on his win earlier. Flair says Beer Money is next, they only have two more titles to go, let's do it. Hemme asks about RVD's opponent and Styles' replacement for tonight. Bischoff says Abyss will be replacing Styles tonight in his match against Doug Williams for the TV Title. Bischoff says he guarantees they will win all of the gold tonight. He didn't answer the question about RVD, or at least if he did, I didn't catch it.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
- The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Beer Money

It looks like Shelley and Roode will be starting things out for their respective teams tonight. Shelley throws his shirt in Roode's face and Roode responds with a shove. Both men stare each other down, but neither acts. They circle each other, and finally lock up. Roode goes behind Shelley with a waist lock, but Shelley fights out into a hammerlock. Roode gets up to his feet and knocks Shelley to his back grabbing his ankle and wrenching on it. Shelley gets out of it neatly only to be put right into a headlock by Roode. Shelley fights out but eats a quick shoulder block. Shelley is able to come back with a nice back heel kick to Roode's face which is good for a near fall. Roode gets up and chops Shelley. Storm comes in and eats a hip toss and a couple of big blows from both Shelley and Sabin. Sabin tags in and we get some awesome double team work on Storm, then stereo round kicks on Roode.


Sabin locks in a wrist lock and tags right back out to Shelley. Shelley works over the arm a bit more and tags right back out to Sabin, who leap frogs Shelley to come crashing down on Storm's arm. Storm is able to lock in a headlock, but Shelley makes the blind tag. Storm ends up on the apron and Shelley sets up an assisted dropkick from Sabin before the Guns hit stereo dives on both members of BMI on opposite sides of the ring. Back in the ring, Shelley goes to the top and tries for a double stomp on Storm, but Storm moves out of the way, only to ear a back crescent kick. Shelley tries for sliced bread, but he can't connect and Roode comes in with a clothesline to the back of Shelley's head. Storm goes for the pin and only gets two so he comes right back with a neackbreaker before tagging in Roode and hitting a double team shoulderblock. Roode hits a high knee drop and goes for a cover but Sabin is quick to break it up.

Roode backs Shelley up into the corner and lays into him with a couple of blows before seating him down on the mat and leaping over him with a snapping neckbreaker. Storm tags out to Roode who comes in and locks in a rear chin lock with his knee buried in Shelley's back. Shelley tries to fight up to his feet but Roode stomps down. Roode spits at Sabin and this infuriates him. BMI try for a couple of double team moves while the ref is tied up with Sabin, but Shelley fights them off and hits sliced break on Storm. Shelley reaches for the tag, but Roode pulls him from the apron at the last second, preventing the tag. Storm drags Shelley to the other side of the ring and tags in Roode who continues to work down Shelley with a rear chin lock. Shelley is able to fight back to his feet but he rungs right into a big back elbow which is good for another two count. Storm tags in and BMI use Shelley's legs like a wishbone, pulling away, before Storm locks in what almost looks to be a really bad last chancery.


Roode is back in the match and he taunts Shelley while standing in between he and Sabin. Roode hits a short arm clothesline and a quick neckbreaker which is good for yet another near fall. Another tag for BMI, and Storm comes in with a punch to Shelley's gut before ripping at Shelley's face and mouth. Roode tags back in and BMI try for another double team combination but Shelley is able to fight both men off. Shelley goes for the tag. Storm tries to pull Sabin from the apron again, but he fails. Sabin tags in and comes in as a house of fire hitting a big dopkick and kick to the chest to Roode. Sabin seats Roode on the top turnbuckle and hangs him in the tree of woe coming in with a big hesitation dropkick. Storm is in and he eats a suplex on top of his own partner from Sabin. Sabin catches a charging Roode in the corner with a big boot before coming off the middle rope with a big hurricarana. Awesome spike double team DDT from the Funs is good for a near fall but it's broken up by Storm.

Sabin and Storm fight to the outside. Back in the ring, Roode puts Shelley on the top rope but Shelley fights him off. Sabin comes off the top out of nowhere with a big clothesline and Shelley follows it up with a double stomp, but that's not all. Storm comes in and hits a backstabber on Shelley. Roode and Sabin trade holds and Sabin goes to the ropes only to have beer spat in his face, and turn around into a spinebuster from Roode. Roode goes for the cover but it's still not enough. Shelley comes in with a couple of big chops to Roode. Shelley hits a baseball slide on Storm, and elbow and Roode, and a dive over the top to the floor on top of Storm. Shelley and Sabin connect with double team kicks to Roode's head and Sabin pins Roode. The ref counts, but Storm pulls him out of the ring before three. Shelley goes to the top and dives out on top of Storm. Sabin goes for a springboard DDT, but Roode counters with a pinning Northern lights suplex but it's only good for two.


All four men trade kicks and blows in the ring. Shelley is taken out and Sabin is hit with the DWI, but Sabin is able to kick out at two. Another DWI attempt and Sabin fights it off. Shelley holds on to Roode and Sabin goes for a yakuza kick but Roode moves and Sabin connects with Shelley. Sabin looks shocked and he gets caught with a flash pin. Roode holds on and gets the three count.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Beer Money Inc.


Christy Hemme is backstage with D-Von. D-Von laughs at Bubba's new 'Bully' nickname. He says what Bubba has been saying about carrying the team and D-Von is garbage. D-Von says they should go back to the old days when they were young and used to beat the crap out of each other. D-Von says it used to be because they were tag team partners, but tonight when he's holding his hand out, it won't be for a tag, it will be to whoop his ass tonight in Orlando.

Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon

D-Von charges the ring, and Bully dives to the outside. Ray begins going back up toward the entrance ramp and backing up, calling D-Von a punk the whole way. D-Von makes his way to the outside and Bully grabs So Cal Val. Val slaps Bully, stunning him, and D-Von uses the opportunity to lay in a couple of punches. D-Von slams Ray head first into the barricade and chokes him with some of the camera cables before picking up and fans water bottle and smashing it over Ray's head. D-Von launches Ray chest first into the barricade before smashing him head first on the ring steps and hitting a big right hand. D-Von props Ray up against the barricade and lays in with a series of punches to the ribs before smashing him with another drink. D-Von picks up Ray's ring jacket and uses it to choke Ray, punching away at Ray's head. Ray is stunned, backing away and punching at air while D-Von continues the onslaught.


D-Von rolls Ray into the ring and the match officially begins. Ray begs off, saying that the two are brothers, and he doesn't want to fight anymore. D-Von looks to the fans. Ray goes for a low blow but D-Von blocks it and peppers Ray with a couple of right hands. Ray tries for a splash in the corner, but D-Von avoids it and responds with a big clothesline that's good for a near fall. D-Von comes up with a Thesz press, laying in to Ray with a series of punches to the head. D-Von picks Ray up and slams him to the mat before going to the top turnbuckle. Ray rolls to the outside and D-Von is quick to follow, slamming him into the barricade. D-Von argues with the ref, and Ray knocks him from behind. Ray tries to flee out in the crowd, but D-Von follows him, whipping him straight into one of the arena walls.

Ray continues to try to escape but D-Von is quick to lay in with even more right hands. Ray rakes at D-Von's eyes and gets a bit of a rest, but D-Von comes back with even more right hans. A fan takes off their shoe and hands it to D-Von who uses it to punch Ray in the head three times. Ray makes his way back to the ring, crawling over the barricade and into the actual ring. When D-Von attempts to follow, Ray comes up with a double ax handle to the back of D-Von's head. Ray gets up to his feet and slaps D-Von in the face before hitting a series of right hands. D-Von calls for more, and Ray pokes him in the eye.


Ray whips D-Von into the corner and follows in with a big splash that takes D-Von down into the ropes. Ray slaps D-Von in the side of the head before picking him up and whipping him into the opposite corner. D-Von catches a charging Ray with a back elbow, but when he dives off of the second rope, Ray catches D-Von with a cutter out of nowhere that's good for another two count. Ray goes for a big elbow drop but D-Von is able to avoid it. D-Von goes for the Bubba bomb, but D-Von fights out of it and slams Ray down to the mat hard. D-Von goes back up to the top turnbuckle, but Ray hits the ropes and causes D-Von to crotch himself. Ray hits a huge chop to D-Von's chest, then another, then he goes up in the corner are D-Von, bringing him down hard with a big superplex. Ray rolls over into the cover but D-Von is able to kick out at two.

Ray grabs a chain and tries to use it to punch D-Von in the corner, but D-Von is able to avoid the blow, and lay in a couple of his own, causing Ray to drop the chain. D-Von launches Ray overhead with a back body drop and looks down at the chain, picking it up. The referee warns D-Von, but D-Von looks like he doesn't care as he uses the chain to whip Ray. The ref argues with D-Von, but D-Von just shoves him away. This one is over.


Winner by DQ: Bully Ray

D-Von tries to continues to fight with Ray, and the crowd wants it, but a couple of refs come in from the back and they try to hold him back. Ray is up and he jumps D-Von. We get a pull apart and D-Von jumps Ray. The backstage area empties as agents and security flood the ring to hold both men back. Ray breaks the hold again and charges, hitting a swift kick to D-Von's groin, before simply walking to the back.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett runs down Kurt Angle, saying he doesn't think Angle has has a single MMA match, while Jarrett is undefeated. Jarrett says that tonight, $100,000 will be on the line, three, two minutes rounds, and a couple of other rules. Jarrett says since Kurt hasn't been in the ring in a while, he's going to feel him out, then put him in so many submissions, he'll let Angle know how bad he could hurting him, before leaving the third round to Angle's imagination. Jarrett tells Angle to remember that no one is going to get hurt.

TNA TV Championship
- Douglas Williams (c) vs. Abyss

The bell rings and we're ready to start this one. Williams and Abyss circle each other before Williams goes behind Abyss, only to be tossed away. Williams rolls to the outside to avoid Abyss stomping away at him. Williams gets up to the apron and hits a charging Abyss with a soulder block to the gut before trying for a sunset flip. Abyss tries to sit on Williams, but William's avoids it. Williams is selling his hand as he can't get a headlock on Abyss and he ends up launched shoulder first into the ring post. Abyss goes to the outside and slams Williams' hand into the ring post twice before Williams rolls to the outside and responds with a series of right hands to Abyss' face. Abyss fights Williams off and slams his injured hand into the ring steps before simply laying in a right hand that sends Williams back into the ring. When Abyss reenters the ring Williams tries to come up with a couple of right hands but Abyss comes right back. Williams jumps off the middle rope but Abyss catches him in chokeslam position. Williams fights it off, but Abyss immediately answers with a big boot. Williams rolls back to the outside and when Abyss follows he tries for a quick series of strikes, but a knee to the gut, and slamming his hand into the barricade by Abyss stops Williams cold.


The crowd chants that they want AJ, and Abyss goes over to grab the belt. He tries to use it to smash Williams, but Williams avoids it and Abyss smashes the title down into the ring apron. Williams heads back into the ring, and Abyss follows, stomping at Williams' arm the whole time. Abyss picks Williams up to his feet and wrenches Williams' arm over his own shoulder. Williams tries to fight out of it, but Abyss simply turns around and lays into Williams with a big slap to the chest. The ref argues with Abyss and Abyss turns around chasing him out of the ring. Abyss hits another couple of right hands to Williams in the corner, but Abyss is quick to fight back. Williams goes up to the second turnbuckle and is able to launch himself off with a really nice European uppercut.

Both men get to their feet and Williams hits head butts and uppercuts and follows up with a high knee in the corner. Williams goes for a German suplex, but Abyss fights it off, only to get a belly to back suplex for his troubles. Williams goes to the top rope and leaps off with a flying knee. Williams goes for the cover, but he's only able to get a two count. Abyss makes his way back up to his feet and Williams hits a couple of right hands, but when he goes for another running knee, Abyss catches him and slams him down with a big chokeslam. Abyss goes for the pin, but Williams is able to grab the rope to stop the count. Abyss goes to the outside where he grabs his nail filled board. The ref sees this and goes to the outside to prevent Abyss from using the weapon. AJ Styles is out to the ring out of nowhere, he limps over and smashes Williams in the face while the ref is distracted. Abyss comes back into the ring and picks Williams up, connecting with the black hole slam. Abyss pins Williams, and this one is over.


Winner and NEW TNA TV Champion: Abyss


RVD is backstage with Bischoff, he says it doesn't matter who his opponent is unless it's Hardy. RVD says he knows Hardy is here tonight. Bischoff says RVD wants it, he's got it, and he hopes RVD is happy.

Rob Van Dam vs. Matt Hardy

RVD walks over to the entrance ramp, and waits for his music to hit, as apparently this one is up right now. RVD makes his way out to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. JB announces the mystery opponent, but it's not Jeff Hardy, it's Matt Hardy. Hardy gets a big pop from the crowd, and he's got a goofy look with cornrows in his hair.

Hardy looks to be in pretty impressive shape, but he looks like he's taking a page out of his brother's book in terms of a gimmick, sans face paint. The bell rings and this one is ready to begin. Hardy tries to shake hands with RVD, but RVD waves it off. Both men trade words, and Hardy comes up with a right hand to RVD's face. both men trade blows, and Hardy catches Van Dam with a boot to the face before slamming him down to the mat. Hardy taunts RVD, but winds up with a foot in his face. RVD buries his shoulder in Hardy's midsection before hitting a big springboard back kick. RVD hits a series of quick kicks to the back of Hardy's head before laying in with a series of forearms. Hardy charges RVD in the corner, but RVD comes up with a backdrop to the apron, and a kick that sends Hardy flying out on top of the guard rail.


Hardy tries to roll back into the ring but Van Dam kicks him right back out. RVD comes up with a springboard moonsault to the outside on top of Hardy. RVD sends Hardy back into the ring and goes to the top, coming off with a big cross body straight into a pin for a two count. Hardy goes for the twist of fate, but RVD fights it off. Hardy suplexes RVD head first into the bottom turnbuckle in a nasty move. RVD struggles to get back to his feet where he immediately eats a clothesline from Hardy. Hardy hits a running bulldog, then pins RVD for two. Hardy locks in a seated full nelson on RVD.

Van Dam fights up to his feet, but Hardy sweeps his legs out and drives him down to the mat face first which is good for another near fall. Hardy mocks RVD before hitting him with a couple of elbows to the back of the head and a neckbreaker. Hardy goes up to the middle rope and wait s for RVD to get to his feet, but when he leaps off, he's met with a superkick to the face. Hardy and Van Dam trade blows in the middle of the ring, and Hardy is able to hit a swinging neckbreaker that's good for another two count. Elbow drop from Hardy, and we get another near fall. Hardy picks RVD up and takes him to the ropes where he chokes him against the middle rope. Hardy hits the opposite ropes and comes in charging with a big leg drop to RVD who is still hung up in the ropes. Hardy locks in a rear chin lock.


RVD is able to fight back up to his feet and out of the hold but he's cut off again. RVD comes up with a big kick to the face and an inventive body scissor roll up that's good for two. Again, Hardy and Van Dam trade blows in the middle of the ring, and RVD comes out on top with two clotheslines and a superkick. Van Dam catches Hardy's leg on a kick and comes up with a back heel kick to Hardy's face. Hardy is able to lock up RVD in a small package, but he only gets a two count. RVD hits Hardy with an inverted atomic drop and a single leg dropkick from the top rope. RVD connects with rolling thunder and goes up to the top rope. RVD tries for, and connects with the five star frog splash, but when he pins Hardy, Hardy's arm is under the ropes.

RVD stomps away at Hardy and argues with the ref, but he turns right around into the twist of fate. Hardy pins RVD, and RVD gets his leg under the rope, much in the same way as Hardy, but it's not noticed and Hardy picks up the three count.

Winner: Matt Hardy


Christy Hemme is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says he's been out a few months, so he doesn't know what kind of shape he's in, but if Jarrett wants to know, he can just ask his wife. OHHHH, NICE!!! Angle says he's going to find out what kind of an MMA fighter Jarrett is, and he's going to enjoy kicking Jarrett's ass.


Mixed Martial Arts Match
- Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

We get a video package highlighting Jarrett's pretend run as an MMA fighter, and Angle's response to his challenge that led to this match.

Jeff Jarrett is the first man out to the ring, in full MMA regalia, and he gets a little bit of a reaction from the crowd. Jarrett comes out solo at first, before a team of six come out to accompany him to the ring and pump him up.

Kurt Angle is the next man out to the ring, with a big smile on his face, and the Impact Zone cheers accordingly. Angle picks up the mic and says he has one thing to say before they start. He tells Jarrett's team that if any of them come in the ring, Angle will break their neck.

The bell rings, and we're ready to kick off the first round. Angle stalks Jarrett around the ring. Jarrett tries his best to avoid Angle. Angle charges at Jarrett, but Jarrett continues to avoid him. Kurt lies down on his back, and waits for Jarrett to come to him. Jarrett won't do it, and tells Angle to get up and fight. Jarrett reaches toward Angle, but still won't do anything. Angle sits up, and Jarrett creeps toward him, but he still won't touch him. Angle is up to his feet and he chases Jarrett around the corner, catching him in the corner, picking him up and locking in the rear naked choke. He has it in for about three seconds before the round ends.


Jarrett gets pumped up by his team in the corner while Angle waits, and the crowd is not amused by the break. After a couple of seconds we're ready to begin round two. Jarrett still hesitates, but comes in more quickly this time, trying to grab Angle around the waist. Angle rolls through into a keylock, but only holds on for a second before breaking quickly. Angle takes Jarrett right back down and locks in a choke hold, but Jarrett is able to touch the ropes and break the hold. Angle backs Jarrett into the corner and takes Jarrett down, rolling him over into a headlock, but Jarrett touches the ropes again. Jarrett gets back on his feet, but Angle suplexes him down and locks in an arm bar. Angle switches into the ankle lock, and time runs down, saving Jarrett and ending the second round.

Jarrett gets just a little bit sick before being able to make his way back to his corner and get hyped up by his team. The bell rings and round three is on. Angle charges Jarrett in the corner and Jarrett rubs his forearm in Angle's face, which apparently has something on it. Jarrett hits Angle with a couple of big right hands, and this one is called off. Angle is shown very obviously with a razor in his hand, and a few seconds later he's cut open. Jarrett mounts Angle and lays into him with punches. The match time is still counting down for some reason.


No Contest

Jarrett mounts Angle again and rains down with even more punches. Angle is pouring blood, and little pools are forming on the mat. Jarrett says the tonight he's ending his MMA career. Jarrett says at his retirement party, all three of them will be there: Angle, Jarrett, and Angle knows who else.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Jeff Hardy. Hardy talks about the match tonight between Anderson and Morgan. He says he'll be watching the match closely. He also says welcome to chapter Genesis, where anything can happen.

- We get a look at the same video package that they've been using to hype the PPV, and the same one we've already seen a couple of times tonight, like when it opened the show. It hasn't changed, and it highlights the history between Morgan and Anderson leading into this match.

#1 Contender's Match for the TNA Championship
- Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson

The bell rings, and Morgan and Anderson begin the all important feeling out process. We get and lock up, and Morgan locks in a side headlock. Anderson is able to fight out of it, but Morgan comes up with a big shoulderblock that takes Anderson off of his feet. Another lock up, and this time Anderson locks in a side headlock. Morgan fights out and Anderson tries for a shoulderblock of his own, only to have it shrugged off by Morgan.


Morgan locks in another side headlock, and Anderson fights it off, only to get another shoulderblock. Anderson gets up to his feet and tries for a hip toss, only to have it reversed into a hip toss by Morgan. Morgan goes for a leg drop but Anderson moves out of the way. Both men make it back up to their feet and Morgan tries to charge Anderson in the corner, only for Anderson to duck it and lay a kick into Morgan's thigh. Another charge from Morgan and Anderson connects with a right hand. Morgan catches Anderson and fires him into the corner, hitting and kicking him, before picking him up and hitting a big head butt.

Morgan sends Anderson into the corner and follows in with a big splash, which he follows up with a huge side slam. Morgan goes for the pin, but he only gets two. Anderson rolls to the apron and Morgan waits for him to get to his feet. Morgan tries for the carbon footprint, but Anderson ducks, and Morgan crashes to the outside. Anderson sits Morgan up against the ring apron and hits a stiff kick to Morgan's chest before slamming him head first into the barricade. Anderson goes up to the apron and leaps off toward Morgan, only to be caught, and driven back first into the ring post.


Morgan slams Anderson back first into the ring apron before rolling Anderson back into the ring. Morgan tries for a cover, but is only able to get a two count. Morgan chokes Anderson in the corner with his boot before setting up for rapid fire elbows. Anderson fights it off, but ends up being pushed back into the corner, and eating the rapid fire elbows anyway. Anderson is able to connect with a chop block, and he goes for the cover, but Morgan kicks out at two. Anderson focuses on the knee, standing on it and stomping away at it before wrenching and pulling, putting strain on Morgan's knee.

Morgan is able to fight out of the hold, but Anderson comes right back with a stomp to the knee. Anderson grabs the leg and is able to lock in a half crab. Morgan is able to crawl toward the ropes and get his hands on the bottom rope, forcing a break. Anderson holds on until a count of about three before breaking. Morgan blocks a couple of punches from Anderson and comes up with some of his own, but Anderson buries his knee in Morgan's gut. Anderson tries to whip Morgan into the corner but it's reversed. Morgan charges Anderson but catches a kick to the head. Anderson goes to the second rope and Morgan catches him, taking him off with a big chokeslam that's good for a two count.


Morgan picks Anderson up to his feet for a series of short arm clotheslines before picking Anderson up again and attempting the discuss clothesline. Anderson ducks the clothesline and is able to connect with the mic check, but a pin from Anderson is still only able to yield a two count. Both men are down and the ref begins the count. Both are up to their knees at seven and they begin trading blows. Neither gives any ground until Morgan connects with the carbon footprint, but it still only results in a near fall.

Morgan gets back to his feet and waits for Anderson to do the same. Morgan goes for another carbon footprint, but Anderson avoids it and is able to connect with another mic check. Anderson goes for the cover but is still only able to get a two count. Anderson gets back up and goes for another mic check, but Morgan fights out of it. Anderson charges and looks to just bump into Morgan before falling to the mat. Morgan goes down and Anderson catches him with a quick roll up to get the three count.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender: Mr. Anderson

Eric Bischoff's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with a steel chair in hand. Bischoff sets the chair up in the ring, sits down and gets a mic. Bischoff says he's impressed with Anderson, and Anderson shows the stuff to be TNA World Champion, and Bischoff isn't going to wait to reward Anderson with his match, tonight.


TNA World Championship Match
- Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Mr. Anderson

Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring in street clothes smoking a cigarette, and taking his time to get in for his match.

Hardy ducks a clothesline and takes Anderson down with a series of right hands. Hardy continues to lay in with more rights before hitting a twist of hate. Hardy pins Anderson, but Anderson is able to kick out at two. Hardy is shocked and he argues with the ref. Hardy stomps away at Anderson before choking him with his boot. Hardy picks Anderson up, and hits another twist of hate. Another cover from Hardy, and another kick out from Anderson.

Hardy kicks at Anderson before stomping away at him repeatedly. Hardy picks Anderson up again, and this time Anderson grabs Hardy by the belt and throws him outside to the floor. On the floor, Morgan connects with a discus clothesline while the ref has his back turned. Morgan rolls Hardy into the ring and Anderson goes for the quick cover, only to get a two count.

Hardy and Anderson get to their knees, then their feet, trading blows the whole time. Anderson scores a series, but Hardy gets a kick to the gut. Anderson hits a clothesline, elbow, then a spinning neckbreaker, and it's good for another near fall. Anderson is able to get back to his feet first, and he stomps on Hardy's hand before raking his eyes. Anderson picks Hardy up and sends him into the corner, but he's met with a whisper in the wind. Anderson is able to roll to the outside before Hardy can pin him. Hardy follows Anderson to the outside and he grabs a steel chair. Mick Foley is out from the back to grab the chair out of Hardy's hands. That brings out Flair, and security is out to break things up. Back in the ring, Hardy goes to the top turnbuckle, but he's stopped by Anderson and crotched. Anderson goes up after Hardy, going for a superplex, but Hardy is able to fight it off and shove Anderson down to the mat. Hardy connects with the swanton and goes for the cover but Anderson still will not die.


Anderson has a little cut on his forehead. Hardy goes to pick up Anderson, and Anderson connects with the standing Green Bay plunge. Hardy is right back up and he hits a running clothesline. Hardy calls to the back and his brother Matt makes his way out to assist. Before Matt can do anything, RVD is out to fight with him to the back. While everyone is distracted, Bischoff rolls into the ring, and teases a chair shot, but Anderson stops him with a kick to the stomach and a mic check. Hardy comes back into the ring and tries for the twist of hate, but Anderson fights it off, connects with the mic check, and pins Hardy for the three count as members of Fortune are running down the ramp.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Ken Anderson