Todd Grisham Has A New Look W/ Mustache, + TNA-UK Update?

-- It was announced that Kaiju Big Battel will be putting on a short show at the 1/29 Dragon gate USA return to Philadelphia, PA at the ECW Arena. Kaiju Big Battel is a performance group that presents pro wrestling matches with Japanese monster movie-inspired costumes and characters. You can check out more on them at The show will be free for fans holding DGUSA tickets. For more information, visit

-- Dixie Carter said that she hopes to update fans on a time frame that TNA will be back on TV in the UK and Ireland sometime later this week. Since she will be on the TNA European tour which kicks off next Friday, she should have the chance to meet with TV executives if need be. The announcement will likely come at a TNA-UK live event.

-- WWE SmackDown! announcer Todd Grisham recently tweeted a photo of himself with a new mustache. He then asked followers, "To 'stache or not to 'stache? That is the question." You can check out the pic below:


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