Tons & Tons Of Backstage WrestleReunion Notes Inside

Credit: Mike Johnson/Pwinsider

The WrestleReunion convention is in full blast in Los Angeles, CA at the LAX Hilton. With the exception of two loud fans who decided to start screaming at each other about their place in a line that were tossed, it's been an extremely fun and mellow day.


Some additional names who are here but weren't previously advertised are Gary Royal, Paul London and ODB.

Former WCW Magazines editor Colin Bowman is here helping with the logistical running of the convention. produced a hell of a recreation of the old Piper's Pit set for photo opportunities with Roddy Piper and Bob Orton.

The Insane Clown Posse, in full makeup and regalia, are holding court for a lot of Juggalos.

Allison Danger, Amber O'Neal, Sassie Stephy, and Rhaka Khan are representing the North Carolina-based Arena Chicks promotion. The girls all took part in a group photo with the snake that was brought in for Jake Roberts' retirement bout later today.

There was a funny moment where Bill Apter was interviewing The Guerreros and they talked about wearing the bullets in honor of the Mexican revolution. The next person Apter interviewed was Colt Cabana, who joked that he just came from a revolution in Israel where "dreidels" were flying.


There is a HUGE line for Bret Hart.

Mil Mascaras and Dos Caras had a long line as well. There were a ton of Latin fans who came specifically to see Mascaras and a lot of hotel staffers were coming in to see Mil as well. In true Mil fashion, he arrived in a gold and white suit with matching mask.

Actor Scott Schwartz (The Toy, Christmas Story) is at the convention hanging out. A few cast members from Roadhouse showed up yesterday to visit Terry Funk.

Others at the convention signing are former Spirit Squad member Nick Mitchell, Joey Ryan, Davey Richards, El Generico, Traci Brooks, SoCal Val, Tammy Sytch and the Guerreros, among others.