WWE Royal Rumble: 40 Man Royal Rumble Match

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The 40 Man Royal Rumble:

CM Punk drew #1. The Corre then hit the ring, and Punk started fighting them all off. The rest of the Nexus hit the ring and a big brawl broke out. The RAW GM and ordered everyone, sans Punk, to the back or they will not be allowed to compete in the Rumble. Everyone else made their way to the back and a loud "CM Punk" chant broke out.

Daniel Bryan drew #2 and we're off!

Justin Gabriel came in and immediately went after Punk. Bryan clotheslined Punk and Gabriel went for the 450 splash and missed. Bryan dumped Gabriel out of the ring and we have our first elimination.

Bryan eliminated Justin Gabriel.

Zack Ryder is in at #4, but didn't last long as Bryan hip tossed him out of the ring.

Bryan eliminated Ryder.

William Regal is in at #5.

Ted Dibiase is in at #6 and went after Bryan.

John Morrison is #7 and came in like a house of fire.

Cool spot where Regal threw Morrison out of the ring but Morrison landed on the barricade. He then jumped on the ring steps and got back in the ring since his feet never touched the floor. Amazing sequence! During this time, Dibiase eliminated Regal.

Yoshi Tatsu is in at #8.

Husky Harris is #9.

Chavo is #10.

Mark Henry is #11 and eliminated Chavo and Tatsu.

JTG is #12.

Michael McGillicutty is #13 and eliminated JTG.

Michael McGillicutty and Harris eliminated Dibiase.

Chris Masters was in at #14.

David Otunga is in at #15.

Punk eliminated Bryan.

The Nexus then eliminated Morrison and turned their attention to Henry. The teamed up and dumped Henry out so it's just the Nexus in the ring.

Tyler Reks is #16 and was ambushed by the Nexus as soon as he got in the ring. Punk then dumped Reks out of the ring. I sense Cena coming in soon.

Vladimir Kozlov is #17 and got jumped as soon as he got in the ring. He was quickly eliminated. The Nexus sat back and waited for #18.

R-Truth is #18 and was met with the same fate as Kozlov and Reks. Truth took a beating and then was thrown out by Punk.

The Great Khali is in at #19. Khali was able to get the Nexus on their feet and eliminated Harris. Khali continued to dominate as the buzzer went off.

Mason Ryan is #20 and eliminated Khali leaving the Nexus alone in the ring once again.

"Can U Dig It Sucka!!!!" Booker T is in at #21! Booker goes to work on the Nexus. He hits the bookend McGillicutty and does the spinaroonie! Ryan then dumped Booker out of the ring. That was a little unexpected... Punk started yelling "We're going to WrestleMania" as #22 came up.

Cena's music hit and he's in at #22. He went to town and and eliminated Ryan, Otunga and McGillicutty leaving Punk and Cena. Punk at one point went for the GTS, Cena reversed and they nailed each other with a double clothesline.

Hornswoggle is in at #23. Punk kicked him down and then turned his attention back to Cena. Punk went to dump Cena out, but Cena reversed it and got Punk in the AA and eliminated Punk. Cena then made a truce with Hornswoggle and they waited for #24.

Tyson Kidd was in at #24 and battled it out with Hornswoggle as Cena watched. Cena hit the AA on Kidd. Hornswoggle hit the AA on Kidd (really) and Cena eliminated Kidd.

Heath Slater is in next and met the Hornswoggle - Cena team. Hornswoggle hit the tadpole splash and Cena dumped Slater over the top.

Kofi Kingston is in at #26. Kofi and Cena stared off, looked at the WrestleMania banner and then squared off.

Jack Swagger is #27 and the pool is getting full again. Kofi and Hornswoggle hit a double boom drop on Swagger.

King Sheamus is #28. Hornswoggle celebrated Sheamus' entry, but was met with a boot to the gut. Hornswoggle signaled for Sweet Chin Music and kicked Sheamus in the ankle. A minute later and Sheamus eliminated Hornswoggle.

Rey Mysterio is #29 and was hitting hurricaranas all over the place. He was grounded by Sheamus but eliminated Sheamus moments later.

Wade Barrett is #30.

Dolph Ziggler is #31.

Kevin Nash coming out as Diesel is in at #32 to a HUGE pop.

Drew McIntyre is in at #33 to no reaction.

Alex Riley is in at #34 and comes out with the Miz.

Wade Barrett eliminated Diesel. Not a hot return for Nash or Booker.

The Big Show is #35. He and Nash have a staredown as Show comes out. Show eliminated Ziggler and Cena eliminated Riley. Show eliminated McIntyre.

Ezekiel is #36 and eliminated Show.

Santino Marella is #37.

Alberto Del Rio is #38 and took his time getting to the ring.

Randy Orton is #39 and Del Rio is still making his way to the ring. Orton attacked Del Rio and got in the ring. He hit RKOs on Sheamus, Kofi and Del Rio and eliminated Kofi and Sheamus.

Orton and Sheamus had a staredown with the other competitors down.

Kane is in at #40 and eliminated Ezekiel.

Mysterio eliminated Kane but was eliminated by Barrett.

Cena and Orton had another staredown, but it was no Warrior-Hogan situation as the crowd was silent. They battled for a second until Barrett broke it up.

Riley ran in to distract Cena and Miz, who was doing commentary, ran into the ring and threw out Cena. So we're down to Barrett, Del Rio and Orton.

Barrett and Del Rio double teamed Orton. Orton was able to mount a comeback and looked for the RKO on Del Rio. Orton tossed out Barrett and Del Rio dumped Orton out to seemingly win the Rumble.

Santino got back in the ring since he was never eliminated and hit Del Rio with the cobra. He went to dump Del Rio out, but Del Rio reversed and threw Santino out to win the 2011 Royal Rumble.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


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