WWE Superstars Results (Jan 20) - Chavo Vs. JTG, Tatsu Vs. Kidd & More

by Lenton Lees & Christerpher Beaudry

Superstars opens with its current theme and pyro.

JTG vs. Chavo

JTG's music hits, and JTG enters the ring alone. Matt Striker and Jack Korpela plug the Royal Rumble. Chavo's music hits, and he enters the ring. Striker and Korpela discuss JTG's untapped potential. The match is off to a slow start as Chavo and JTG circle the ring. After some grappling, Chavo hits the offensive on JTG, working him into the ring. There is moderate crowd pop as JTG counters. Chavo unsuccessful attempts several pins and receives moderate heat. JTG puts a body drop on Chavo and gains momentum. After some back and forth, JTG hits the "mug shot" and gets the pin.


Road To Wrestlemania/Royal Rumble Promo

Commercial Break

Chris Masters vs. Curt Hawkins

Chris Masters' music hits, and the crowd is at an ever-increasing roar. Curt Hawkins' music hits after Masters is in the ring and Hawkins gets a moderate boo from the crowd. The commentators mention that this would be a big win if Hawkins can pull it off. Chris Masters takes control of the first part of the match with solid offense. Masters goes for a second rope high flying move and misses, Hawkins takes advantage of the miss and starts with an offense of his own. Just when you think things are going south for Chris Masters, he hits the Masterlock out of nowhere and picks up the win. The crowd is clearly behind him as they go wild.

WINNER: Chris Masters

Overview of this weeks NXT

Commercial Break

Top 50 Superstars Of All Time DVD Promo

DH Smith & Darren Young vs. Zack Ryder & Primo

Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews are now on commentary. They plug the biggest Royal Rumble in history coming up. Zack Ryder and Primo come out to Ryder's music; the crowd has an indifferent murmur. Once in the ring, their opponents DH Smith and Darren Young make their way to the ring. Ryder and Young start off the match. Ryder gives a big "Woo Woo Woo" to the crowd. Ryder does not stay in the ring long and tags Primo in. Young works a good offense on Primo then makes a tag to DH Smith. DH Smith works some power moves on Primo. The commentators mention how great DH Smith's power is. DH Smith hits an earth-shattering powerbomb on Primo; he almost gets a three count but is distracted by Ryder. Meanwhile Young is in the corner building up the crowd. He gets a tag in and goes through with an explosive offense on Ryder. Young hits Ryder with a great gut-buster; he then goes for his finisher the "heatwave" but is stopped by Primo. DH Smith goes to stop Primo but goes over the top rope instead. Young puts Primo over the top rope, then goes to finish off Ryder. When Young turns around, Ryder hits his finisher the "Ruff Ryder" out of nowhere. Ryder pins Young for a three count and picks up a win.

WINNERS: Ryder & Primo

Hall Of Fame Induction Promo

Commercial Break

Raw Rebound

Yoshi's music hits to a non-responsive crowd as we go to a commercial break. It will be Yoshi -vs- Tyson Kidd after the break.

Road To Wrestlemania/Royal Rumble Promo

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd

We return from commercial, and Yoshi is still warming up in the ring. Kidd's music hits as he makes his way to the ring; he is without his bodyguard tonight. Kidd starts off the match by working on Yoshi's left arm. Yoshi counters but still can't get on the offensive. Kidd puts Yoshi in a headlock which Yoshi gets out of and tries yet again to build an offensive; Kidd puts a stop to it by making his way outside the ring onto the apron. With a cocky grin, Kidd makes his way back into the ring. Yoshi and Kidd then proceed to exchange blows and near-falls.

Commercial Break

We return from break as Kidd has Yoshi's left knee in some sort of submission lock. Yoshi fights his way out of the submission, but that doesn't keep Kidd from working on Yoshi's left knee. As Kidd continuously works on Yoshi's knee, the crowd starts up a "Yoshi" chant. Following the chant, Kidd misses with a big left elbow. Yoshi takes advantage of the miss and starts to build an offensive. Yoshi gets a near three count and follows it up by going to the top rope. Yoshi misses with a big top rope spin kick. Taking his time, Kidd takes advantage of the miss and sets Yoshi up in the middle of the ring for the Sharpshooter. Yoshi counters with a roll-up and gets a quick three count for the victory. The show ends with the crowd going wild as Yoshi heads back up the ramp, leaving a shocked Kidd in the ring.

WINNER: Yoshi Tatsu


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