X-Pac Recalls Suicide Attempt, Bashes TNA, Nexus

Former WWE talent Sean Waltman (a/k/a X-Pac) discussed reaching rock bottom when he attempted to commit suicide in his hotel apartment in Mexico City.

"I was in Mexico for three years. When I was there, things got really bad," Waltman recalled to the Miami Herald.


"I got in a heated argument that turned into physicality with my girlfriend [Alicia Webb]. I ended up striking her back. I always told myself that I would die before I would hit a woman. So when I did that, I was overcome with guilt and shame. I had no tools to handle it. The only thing I could think of was take a whole bottle of Valium or what was left of the bottle. It was probably around 400 milligrams of Valium.

"I hung myself from the roof of my apartment. It was the darkest moment of my life, or one of them, to get me to do that. It was a lot of build up that I didn't know how to deal with."

Webb, known to wrestling fans as Ryan Shamrock during her time in WWE in 1999, found him.

"I was dead," said Waltman.


"She got me down, which I don't know how she did it. She is like superwoman. I swear. She did CPR and all that. She kept me alive for 45 minutes until the ambulance arrived. Then I was really on life support for three days."

Kevin Nash was there by his side the next day and helped check him into The Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas, a leading psychiatric hospital. He stayed there for four months, where he conducted some much needed soul searching.

Waltman also discussed his last stint with TNA Wrestling, noting that the main reason he is no longer with the company is because he contracted Hepatitis C. Certain athletic commissions prohibit him from wrestling. He said he would return to the organization, but strictly for a paycheck.

"Then try to last as long as I could before I go %$#$ing crazy because their writing sucks so bad," Waltman said.

"I was on my show, and somebody was talking about it. I told them they dip their pen in $%^& before they write their shows. I have a relationship that is deeper than wrestling in WWE. Honestly, TNA it would strictly be for the paycheck. I really don't feel any emotional equity with those people at this point."

The outspoken wrestler feels that for the organization to succeed, they need to get rid of Vince Russo as a writer.


"I like Vince Russo the person. I love him as a human being. Supposedly to my face, he likes me, too, but they don't want me there because I'm always saying something sucks when it's the #$%^. They would rather bury their head in the sand than do something correct or listen to somebody else's input. Everyone is so defensive there. To me, I don't care whose idea it is. If it's a good idea, then lets do it. I don't care who gets credit for it..."

The former member of the New World Order and D-Generation X also gave his take on WWE's The Nexus faction. He feels the group is more similar to the nWo than DX.

"There would be no DX, if it wasn't for the nWo, in my opinion. It closely resembles the nWo stuff with the mob mentality and the simple looking logo on the shirt. It's kind of like let's make it look less like nWo while copying it completely.

"I like Wade Barrett a lot. I think he has tons of potential. Just to put a guy like that, who is unproven or have any emotional equity with the fans as heel or babyface, it's hard. It was an effective angle, and they are still getting mileage from it.

"They had to resort to that as a result of having a shallow roster. The people bought into it to a certain extent, but there was never a revelation that was a bigger mastermind until the CM Punk thing. That's better to me, and I see it going in a different direction. I'm not sure if I like it much with all the initiation stuff and guys getting beaten up in the ring. I never liked that. In real life, especially in a street gang, who would do that? Nobody.


"I hated it in the nWo. They only did it in WWE really. They didn't really do it much when we were in WCW. We didn't beat our own guys up. It's retarded. Sorry. Now they have this Mason Ryan guy. I hated that. That's the writers."

The entire interview can be read at https://www.miamiherald.com/