DX News: Packers Linebacker Clay Matthews On HHH, Lots Of HBK Tidbits

– Packers linebacker Clay Matthews appeared on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca recently. When asked about the role Triple H has taken backstage and if he gave Matthews some advice for his appearance on Smackdown, he replied, "He was very involved. In fact, it was interesting to see how involved both Vince (McMahon) and Triple H are involved with this, in regards to what they want to see, the camera. So it was pretty interesting to see the other side of the industry....of the business. He's very involved. He told me what he'd like to see, what I should go out there and do, and how to play it up to the fans. Obviously, he's been doing it for years now and he had some good advice, so I took it to heart and hopefully I did a good job." Visit BustedOpen.net and Facebook.com/bustedopen for more information on this interview and more upcoming guests.


– Thanks to Nate N. for sending in this report from the Shawn Michaels autograph at the Autorama show in Indianapolis, Indiana this past weekend: "I got there at 10am and stood in line till he started signing at 1pm. I was probably 75-100th person in line. The line was constantly getting bigger by the minute. The line was so long it had to go into other buildings. He started signing right on time and was in a very happy mood! He was making conversation with every single person even if they weren't talking much. He was only signing one item per person and you could get your picture taken with him, you could only lean over the table to do so, you were not permitted behind or beside the table. Since this was a signing scheduled by HBK himself, it was not at all endorsed by WWE. He was selling a pretty plain looking picture of himself for $5, the promo photo was not a WWE promo, it was something he did on his own. All in all he seemed super happy and was probably the best signing I have been to yet."


– You can check out video of HBK at the signing by clicking here. Michaels also put up a bunch of pics from the appearance on his site, you can check them out by clicking here.

– Speaking of HBK, 1PW released the following regarding Michaels' scheduled appearances with the promotion:


Capping off a scintillating year that has seen 1PW bring Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, DDP and a host of other major names to the country in a series of incredible UK firsts, 1PW owner Danny Rodd is thrilled to announce the group's latest 'talent acquisition': Shawn Michaels.

Michaels will be joining 1PW for a run of autumn shows, including events in the UK and the group's incredible tour of Dubai, and sparks are expected to fly as fans get a rare opportunity to come face-to-face with such a legendary performer.

Full details of HBK's scheduled appearances are as follows:

1PW Black Tie Gala Dinner ? 07/10/2011
1PW Shawn Michaels Q&A ? 08/10/2011 (including 2-hour photograph/signing session)
1PW Fan Convention – 09/10/2011 (photograph/signing session)
1PW Does Dubai ? 12/10/2011-15/12/2011 (including photograph/signing sessions)

For more information, click here.

Anne Licuz and Nate N. contributed to this article.