Jake Roberts' Drug Issues, WWE Splitting Up Tag-Team?, Punk On Injury

– Jake Roberts was on the LAW Sunday night, discussing his career, drug use, retirement and more. Here is an excerpt, where Jake discusses his drug issues? "I think it's a joke. I want to reach out there and tell people that I'm suffering from all these demons. I just want all the kids to know out there that it isn't cool, don't pick it up and don't try it because it is torment. Sometimes when you're an honest prick, you get labeled as something else. After all if I'd have done as much as has been put out there that I supposedly did, I would have been dead years ago so it's been blown out of proportion, it gets twisted, it gets turned, it's all about media having something to talk about you know? Give me a break. I've got a picture of Keith Richards and it says on the front 'The real horrible thing about heroin is sometimes it doesn't kill you, it makes you Keith Richards' and I've got that in my house. I didn't do it for publicity (speaking out on drug issues) I did it to help kids and they can whatever they want with it, because I have helped people, I get letters all time and contacted about being honest and doing what's right, come on give me a break – I wasn't the only wrestler to do drugs."


– WWE creative has discussed breaking Jimmy and Jey Uso up. Nothing is confirmed as of this writing.

– As noted earlier, CM Punk suffered a legit broken nose last night during the opening of RAW. He continued to work the rest of the night, even main eventing the show. After RAW ended, Punk tweeted: "Just sneezed and now my pillow case is red. Lovely."

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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