Jim Ross Blogs: Booker T-WWE, Spoilers, Kids, More

Jim Ross has a new blog up at https://www.JRSBARBQ.com/ Here are the highlights?

Booker T: Nice work by Booker T on his first outing on Friday Night Smackdown at the announce desk. Booker will advance even farther when, or if, the SD announce team is perhaps Booker and Josh Mathews, who has improved more than any WWE announcer IMO over the past year or so.


Kids In Angles: I am not a fan of using religion or politics in any TV wrestling storyline and now I can add exploitation of children to my personal, banned list. This is just one guy's opinion and I don't buy the "it's fiction" argument. I realize what's fiction and what isn't.

On Spoilers: An emailer asked why Hollywood can generally keep secrets on the cliff hanging closing episodes of various TV series and pro wrestling storylines seemingly are constantly being leaked. I don't know the exact answer but those within the biz seemingly love to talk, perhaps feel that they need an outlet to express themselves plus there are a limitless list of sources who touch the product internally in a variety of ways. I'm still not a fan of 'spoilers.'


Be sure to check out the full blog now at https://www.JRSBARBQ.com/