Jim Ross Blogs On Curt Hennig, Sting To WWE, More

- Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the highlights?

On Curt Hennig: Indeed Curt Henning was a special performer who was athletically gifted and naturally charismatic. Perfect or 'Perfecto' as Razor Ramon used to call him was a classic practical joker in the locker room and had the ability to make one laugh or want to kill him. Perfect once put a lock and chain on my brief case and attached it to the rafter of the locker room. I had to get the building people to find and then loan me bolt cutters to cut down my brief case where my car keys were being held prisoner.


On WM 28 Being At An Open Air Arena: I have mixed emotions about Wrestlemania 28 going outdoors with no dome to protect the event from the elements and to retain the crowd noise. Being in South Florida during the last week of March until early April can't be all bad. Wrestlemania is our Super Bowl and no matter where it's held it will always be special.

On Sting At WM 27:: Sorry that some take exception when they ask for my opinion and I simply give it. No...I do not think that Sting is going to sign with WWE and wrestle the Undertaker at WM27. For those 'Oliver Stone's' out there that have it all figured out and are threatening to 'boycott' WM27 over this self induced fiasco, do whatever it is that makes you happy. I'm fairly certain that if Sting and WWE wanted to do business together that it would get done.


On A Sting DVD: Plus, even though there is obvious renewed interest in the Sting persona, if I were WWE I would not do a Sting DVD until I had access to the man himself so that a proposed Sting DVD would not be a compilation but rather a documentary. I'd be happy to sit off camera and conduct the interview, for the record.

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