JR Blogs: The Rock's Future, Lawler's Title Match, Y2J

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry at https://www.JRSBARBQ.com/. Check out the highlights:

On attending the funeral of Jerry Lawler's mother: "I enjoyed my short visit with Jerry Lawler, his family and friends in Memphis this week as Jerry's 90 year old mother, Hazel, was laid to rest on Wednesday morning. Mrs. Lawler was a truly wonderful lady who was full of life and personality. I stayed at King's house on Tuesday night and we sat outside and visited for hours until finally calling it a day about 2 a.m. Laughter was no stranger to the two of us even under the circumstances of the visit."


On Jerry Lawler's WWE Title Match at Elimination Chamber: "Jerry is genuinely excited about being in the main event of a WWE PPV which will be this Sunday in Oakland at the Elimination Chamber vs. the Miz for the WWE Title. I would not miss this PPV for the world because I believe that shocks and surprises from WWE will abound over the next few weeks leading into WM27 and no one can argue that Jerry Lawler upsetting Miz to win the WWE title wouldn't be a HUGE shocker."

On his upcoming appearances: "Confirmed this week that I will be appearing on Saturday May 7 at the Legends of the Ring function in Monroe, N.J. at the Crowne Plaza hotel."

On the WWE All Stars game: "The new, THQ produced WWE All Star Video game is getting more and more play as the anticipation builds to it's release the Tuesday of WM27 week. There will be a tie in with JR's Family BBQ on this exciting new game so please watch for details."


On whether we will see Rock wrestle at Wrestlemania 27: "Emailers...of which there have many many...Why is it that so many people think that it's going to be Rock vs. Cena at WM27 in a wrestling match? Rock has said publically that his in ring wrestling days are history. End of story. It was made clear Monday night that Rock was going to HOST Wrestlemania. Is it possible to see some sort of physical interaction in Atlanta's Georgia Dome between 'the Great One' and Cena? Of course, any thing is possible....except Rock wrestling in an official match but that doesn't mean that the potential for physicality doesn't exist."

On Chris Jericho's new autobiography and media appearances: "Chris Jericho is pounding the pavement promoting his new book 'Undisputed' which I finished last week and now my wife is reading. She's enjoying it too and, as I mentioned last week, I STRONGLY urge you to buy Chris' latest but only if you want a candid, honest look behind the scenes at the challenging, frustrating albeit rewarding and crazy life of a big time WWE star. Chris was really good on 'Red Eye' and on my wife's favorite, The Wendy Williams Show this week."

On his WWE Axxess schedule: "My WM27 Axxess appearances at this time are Friday night at the THQ function which, I think ,starts about 8 pm, Saturday morning from 10-noon with the King at the WWE HOF booth, and Sunday at noon for a Q&A."


Be sure to check out the full blog at https://www.JRSBARBQ.com/ Order some BBQ sauce while you're there! It's GOOD!