Kelly Kelly's Ultimate WWE Dream Goal, SD!, & More

WWE SmackDown! Diva Kelly Kelly commented on main eventing a recent episode of WWE SmackDown!, where she teamed with Edge to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Dolph Ziggler and Lay-Cool.


"I think the match we just had is one of the first main events the girls have been a part of, probably within the last 10 years," Kelly told the Miami Herald.

"So it was really cool to do that and finally have a main event match and be at the beginning of the show with [acting WWE SmackDown GM] Vickie [Guerrero]. They put a lot of effort into me and my character lately. It has been great. I hope they continue to spotlight the divas more."

The Jacksonville native says she has her sights set on winning the Divas Championship upon her return.

"I hope to win a championship because I have never had a title," Kelly said. "That would be a dream of a lifetime."

Kelly also discussed her early days with WWE. Though her stunning looks landed her a spot with the organization, her strong work ethic earned her the respect of her peers.


"When I started in ECW, I would have to say Tommy Dreamer and Andrew [Test Martin], who is not alive anymore, have helped me out," Kelly said.

"On the diva side, I would say Michelle McCool has helped me out a lot as well. They took me under their wings."

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