News On Zach Gowen, Simon Dean, Billy Gunn, & More

-- Wow.... some of you guys either have no sense of humor or take pro wrestling WAY to seriously. Some of the comments on that CZW video I posted below this are mind boggling. The entire segment was meant as a joke obviously. The commentary on it was also great. Some people need to smile and laugh once in awhile - it'll brighten your day guys! That was the point of the video! Most of you got a quick laugh out of it (as did I) but there are a select few who need to get out more or something!

-- has an article about Kofi Kingston attending the Louisana National Guard Challenge Graduation ceremonies up.

-- Zach Gowen and Simon Dean will be appearing for Central Empire Wrestling in Oskaloosa, Iowa on March 26th.

-- For those who may have missed it, Billy Gunn will be appearing for Varsity Pro Wrestling in Herne Bay, England on February 22nd.

-- Shawn Michaels will be at O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels Car Show signing autographs from 1:00 to 4:00 PM on February 12th in Indianapolis.


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