Randy Orton Gets 'Ding-Dong Ditched', The Miz/Riley, & More

Derek Sousa sent this one along: The Miz & Alex Riley were on KNBR in San Francisco yesterday morning to promote the Elimination Chamber show. Miz was overall pretty good. They talked about Real World and one of the hosts tried to get on Miz about how there could be a championship in a fake sport with no competition. He also thought Riley was copying Miz, but Riley insisted it was just a coincidence they looked the same. A funny spot was when a host called what he was carrying a belt, and Miz had to explain that it was not a belt. Speaking of which, on Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero did accidentally use the b word, which in WWE, is not b—h.


Ian Hamilton sent this one along: A sign in clear view when Rock came out read "Induct Chris Benoit in 2012." Not only did it air live but it was in the replays of the interview.

– Randy Orton posted the following on his Twitter, asking wrestling fans to identify someone that decided it would be funny to ring his doorbell and then run off. He's offering tickets to RAW in St. Louis on 3/14 if anyone can identify him.

"A kid just rang our door bell and ran. He jumped in a white car. Unfortunately for him, I have 8 cameras covering every angle of my home...Anyone identify him and u get tickets to RAW in Stl 3/14."

Orton posted a picture of the kid on his Twitter, you can check it out below:

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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