Talents Comment On Impact Rating, Matt Hardy Denies Lita Report

– As noted earlier here on the site, this week's TNA iMPACT! did a strong 1.31 (1.3) cable rating, with 1,953,000 viewers. Several TNA talents posted the following on their Twitter pages:

Taz: "Another huge rating for TNA iMPACT! Awesome job by the Talent,Agents,Production, Russo,Eric B, Matt! Last but not least, Dixie...Congrats!"


Dixie Carter: "Last night was our 2nd highest rated Thursday night iMPACT! ever!! Thank you all so much!! Lots of great TV coming up... Stay tuned."

Matt Hardy: "Hulkster & Jeff brought me in & the ratings keep growin-Coincidence?I think not! FACT! .. Dixie, u can thank ME & Jeff 4 the ratings jump-just saying"

– Speaking of Matt Hardy, he is denying online reports that were originally posted on SuperLuchas.net that he wants to bring Lita to TNA Wrestling. He wrote on Twitter, "IWC Rumor Killer-I HAVEN'T asked 4 Lita to come 2 TNA. I wish her happiness & the best in life, but I am not interested in workin with her."