TNA Against All Odds: Beer Money, Inc. & Scott Steiner Vs. Immortal


Hemme with BMI and Steiner. Steiner drinking beer, goes back to 'vintage' Scotty, stumbles, needs more beer and gets silly. Roode tells Murphy, Gunner and Terry that they chose the wrong people. Storm gets a 'You suck!' chant going for their opponents.


Six Man Tag Team Match
Beer Money, Inc. & Scott Steiner vs. Immortal (Rob Terry, Gunner & Murphy)

A.J. Styles joined the announcers on commentary for the match.

Steiner, in better shape than before, starts with Gunner. They lock up, but a shoulder block drops Gunner. Chops to Gunner, then a belly to belly, then Gunner sent outside. Terry tags in and flexes at Steiner. Steiner doesn't look impressed. Steiner mocks Terry, then a low blow to Terry behind the ref's back.

Murphy tags in, Storm tags in and Murphy is taken apart. A knee to Storm's gut, then Gunner tags in. Face buster to Gunner, then a neck breaker to Gunner for two. storm sent out, but holds on and skins the cat. Clotheslines to Gunner, then a back body drop. Storm with punches on Gunner in a corner, but Terry pushes Storm off. Murphy tags in and stomps Storm.


Murphy beats on Storm and gets a two count. Chinlock on Storm. Storm up, then slammed back down. The ref busy with Steiner when Terry tags in. Storm up, then slammed to the mat hard for two. The fans behind Storm. Storm reverses into a back stabber. Gunner tags in, as does Roode. Clotheslines to Gunner, but they crossed their wires, but Roode with a forearm to Gunner's face, Terry sent to the floor. Roode up with a flying neckbreaker for two.

Everyone in and out of the match until Terry and Steiner working outside. BMI about to double team Gunner, but Terry in. Terry eats the double team, then they call for Beer & Money! Spinebuster to Gunner, then to Murphy. Roode reverses away from Terry and hits a spinebuster on him. Steiner tags in and hits his frankensteiner for the win!

Winners: Beer Money, Inc. & Scott Steiner