TNA Against All Odds: Jeff Hardy Vs. Mr. Anderson (TNA World Championship)


Hemme with Anderson. She asks if he feels the odds are stacked against him. He says yes, yes, yes. This is Jeff's match. He made it famous, and it made him famous. To sound like a certain governor, there might be a conspiracy here. Who knows how many refs they have waiting to help. Anderson doesn't love Jeff, but he loves competition. Every match is Anderson's match. If he wins tonight it's be cause he's the bigger asshole. Asshole.


TNA Championship
Ladder Match
Mr. Anderson (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff walks slowly to the ring, dragging his painted ladder behind him. Jeff stares up at his ugly creation, then climbs into the ring to pose for the fans. Anderson (from now on, Ken) out to the ring.

Both look up at the strap as the bell rings. They meet in the middle, talk a bit. Jeff spits in Ken's face. Blows to Jeff until he flees the ring. Ken out after Jeff, attacks from behind and sends him into the barrier. Jeff tries for a twist of hate outside, but Ken pushes him off. Jeff hits a ladder face first.

Ken grabs a ladder. Jeff grabs the other end in a tug-a-war. Jeff slammed back first into the apron with the ladder. Ken sends the ladder in. Jeff hits a neck breaker on Ken onto the ladder! Jeff drags the ladder over and sets it up. Jeff climbs, but Ken pushes it over. Ken hits a neck breaker and about tries to pin, then remembers. Ken climbs, Jeff grabs ken, sends him flying back. Jeff at Ken and gets double boots to the guts. Jeff sends the top of the ladder into Ken's privates.


Jeff sets up the ladder as a ramp in a corner. Ken fights back and hits a side Russian leg sweep, slamming Jeff back onto the ladder! Video replay over and over. Ken out and sends another ladder in. Ken sets up the ladder in the center of the ring. Ken climbs. Jeff up, climbs the other side. Blows onto ken over the top. Jeff comes over the top power bombing Ken from the ladder. Ken's head hits hard.

Jeff scoops Ken up and slams him to the mat. Jeff climbs a corner, onto the ladder and over, but Ken moves out of the way of Jeff's leg drop. Jeff left holding his knee.

Jeff rushes Ken, but Ken moves and Jeff eats corner. Ken rushes Jeff, but into a back body drop right on that ladder! Jeff stomps at Ken, then rearranges ladders. Jeff chokes Ken in the ropes, slamming onto Ken's back. Ken face first into a corner. Ken fights back with elbows. Jeff sends Ken out through the ropes. Baseball slide sends Ken into the barrier.

Jeff goes to get his painted ladder and slams it toward Ken, but Ken shoves it back, dropping Jeff to the floor. Dueling chants fill the arena! Ken knee first into the stairs. Jeff moves the stairs a bit, then grabs a screaming Ken. Blows to Ken's head, then Jeff backs up. Jeff runs, springs off the stairs and lands a leg across Ken sending him over the barrier.


Jeff sends Ken into the ring. Jeff tries for something but Ken counters Jeff into the upside-down ladder Jeff had set up. Ken sets up a ladder and climbs, over selling his pain. Jeff up and drags Ken down. Twist of hate on Ken. Jeff asks Jackson for a ladder. The painted ladder comes in.

Jeff grabs at Ken, but Ken reverses and gets Jeff on his shoulders. Ken rolls through, Jeff landing on the ladder. Ken climbs for a swanton, but Jeff moves and Ken lands on the back of his head. Jeff sets up two ladders and starts to climb. Ken meets him up there. Jeff tries for a twist of hate off the ladder, but it doesn't happen. Blows back and forth, both up top, within reach. Ken's face bounced off the top of his ladder. Jeff grabs the strap, but Ken grabs him. ken swings the strap so Jeff couldn't get it. They both go down to the mat hard. Jeff tries to grab the strap on his way down.

Jeff starts climbing again and this time Ken can't catch up.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

They air recap videos and Hardy celebrates.