TNA Against All Odds: Matt Hardy Vs. Rob Van Dam


Matt Hardy says he's always gone above and beyond for everyone and it got him nowhere. Jeff came to TNA and Matt was punished for it. RVD is just a stepping stone, in his way. He'll chew up RVD and spit him out. RVD stands fro everything Matt's against. He'll beat RVD and continue his undefeated record.


Matt Hardy vs. RVD

Matt out to the ring, glaring at the fans the whole way. RVD's music and he comes out to the ring. Taz talks up both wrestlers. They lock up. They push back and forth until RVD is backed into a corner. Matt slaps RVD hard on the break. They exchange blows until RVD kicks Matt. RVD goes for his monkey flips, but eats the corner, then a clothesline.

Blows to RVD in a corner. The ref breaks it up. RVD fights back with blows and takes Matt out of the ring. 'RVD' chants. Matt on the apron, but dropkicked off. RVD to the apron, but Matt pulls his legs out from under him. RVD into the barrier back first a couple times. RVD gets Matt up and lands Matt across the barrier. RVd to the apron, then drops a leg on Matt's back.


Matt back into the ring, but he grabs RVd with a double arm DDt through the ropes for two. RVD rolls out, Matt out after him. RVD face first on the barrier (never touched it with his face). RVd sells face pain. Matt in the ring, pulls RVD in and drops a leg on the back of RVD's head. Matt pins for two.

Elbows to the top of RVD's head. Matt locks on a beautiful submission hold that drops RVD to the mat. RVD gets a foot on the ropes. Taz rants about a fan who will come back with saying Matt has done this move before. RVD sent up into the bottom rope for two. Dueling chants for them both. Full nelson on RVD. RVD kicks out, but eats an elbow. RVD pinned for two.

Reverse hold on RVD. RVD to a knee, then back up and free. RVD whipped. Matt out to the apron. RVD's kick misses and RVD sent to the mat. Matt climbs, but when he flies eats RVD's foot. Both are down. Both up with blows. RVD with clothelines, then a dropkick. Matt moves out of the way of rolling thunder, so RVD hit a standing moonsault for two. A kick to Matt's head. RVD hits his split legged moonsault for two. Matt ducks a kick and hits side effect for two.

Matt sets up, waits for RVD to his feet. RVD whips Matt and hits a leg lariat. RVd up, Matt cuts him off. Matt up with RVD, but sent down by forearms. Back body drop to RVD that looked nasty. Matt's moonsault avoided when RVd moved. RVD up and hits a very far 5 star frog splash for three.


Winner: RVD