TNA Against All Odds Results

Event: TNA Against All Odds Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, February 13th, 2011 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, FL.
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TNA Against All Odds Opener:

Taz and Tenay discuss the coming matches.


Robbie and Cookie out to the ring. he says that he has good and bad news. The good news is that due to Gen Me's travel issues, he's the new #1 contender for the X Division Title. Even though he GTW'd all week, he's not wrestling. He tells the ref to count the ten and raise his hand to make it official.

The ref counts the ten and Robbie is #1 contender. Robbie and Cookie celebrate.

Kaz out and calls Cookie cheap. Kaz says he can't just show but not give everyone what they're there to see. There will be an X Division Title Match tonight. That match will be right now.

Kazarian vs. Robbie E (w/Cookie)

Kaz on Robbie hard in the ring. Punches to Robbie, then a clothesline and a gut wrench to Robbie. Kaz grabs at Kaz and gets her hand stomped. Robbie thrown down for two. Robbie hung up top, then an upper cut to the floor. Kaz pulled off the apron, face first to the stairs. Back in the ring and Robbie's whipped, but a foot into Kaz's face. Robbie drops a fist from up top, then a shoulder into Kaz's gut. Robbie chokes Kaz with a foot. Cookie attacks Kaz behind the ref's back. More choking with Robbie's foot.


Robbie keeps control over Kaz as the fans shout heat at him. Robbie stomps Kaz, then chokes Kaz with a knee in a corner. Snap mare into a chinlock on Kaz on the mat. Kaz hits a springboard dropkick to Robbie, then a couple clotheslines and a dropkick. Springboard leg drop on Robbie for two. Kaz misses his inverted tombstone, Robbie misses his finisher, but Cookie attacks Kaz from outside. E stalked Kazarian, slapping him and trash talking. Kazarian ducked a move and caught Robbie with the inverted tombstone for the pin. Kaz retains his X Division Championship!

Winner: Kazarian


Hemme with BMI and Steiner. Steiner drinking beer, goes back to 'vintage' Scotty, stumbles, needs more beer and gets silly. Roode tells Murphy, Gunner and Terry that they chose the wrong people. Storm gets a 'You suck!' chant going for their opponents.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Beer Money, Inc. & Scott Steiner vs. Immortal (Rob Terry, Gunner & Murphy)

A.J. Styles joined the announcers on commentary for the match.

Steiner, in better shape than before, starts with Gunner. They lock up, but a shoulder block drops Gunner. Chops to Gunner, then a belly to belly, then Gunner sent outside. Terry tags in and flexes at Steiner. Steiner doesn't look impressed. Steiner mocks Terry, then a low blow to Terry behind the ref's back.


Murphy tags in, Storm tags in and Murphy is taken apart. A knee to Storm's gut, then Gunner tags in. Face buster to Gunner, then a neck breaker to Gunner for two. storm sent out, but holds on and skins the cat. Clotheslines to Gunner, then a back body drop. Storm with punches on Gunner in a corner, but Terry pushes Storm off. Murphy tags in and stomps Storm.

Murphy beats on Storm and gets a two count. Chinlock on Storm. Storm up, then slammed back down. The ref busy with Steiner when Terry tags in. Storm up, then slammed to the mat hard for two. The fans behind Storm. Storm reverses into a back stabber. Gunner tags in, as does Roode. Clotheslines to Gunner, but they crossed their wires, but Roode with a forearm to Gunner's face, Terry sent to the floor. Roode up with a flying neckbreaker for two.

Everyone in and out of the match until Terry and Steiner working outside. BMI about to double team Gunner, but Terry in. Terry eats the double team, then they call for Beer & Money! Spinebuster to Gunner, then to Murphy. Roode reverses away from Terry and hits a spinebuster on him. Steiner tags in and hits his frankensteiner for the win!

Winners: Beer Money, Inc. & Scott Steiner



Hemme with Devon and his boys. Devon says he made a mistake. This match is between him and Ray. Terrence and Terrell argue this. He can't take the chance of Ray using them to get to Devon. Devon tells them that they will listen to him. They're not to be where Ray can get his hands on them. They will not be involved. He won't let anything happen to them. They unhappily agree.

Samoa Joe vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

The Pope out to the ring. Joe out to face him, white towel over his shoulders. Pope sneers at Joe in the ring. Pope dances around, showing his 'Pope's gonna kill you' trunks. Pope slides out of the ring, sneers more. Pope onto the apron, one leg into the ring, then he climbs in. Kick to Joe's gut, then a forearm to his back. Joe comes back with a headlock, but Pope flees the ring.

Pope decides to leave the match. Up the ramp, but then Okato stops him, backs Pope down the ramp. Suicide dive with a forearm to Pope's face. Pope back in for a head butt. Pope tries to reverse, then has a hard time hitting his suplex. Forearms to Pope's face. Joe punches on Pope. Joe splats Pope in a corner, then that fast flash kick.

Joe slams his foot across a sitting Pope's face. Joe on Pope hard until a poke to Joe's eyes, the Joe sent outside. Joe face first to the apron, then rolled back in. A shot to the back of Joe's head, then a forearm. Joe back with punches, but Pope's clothesline drops Joe. Punches to Joe's head.


Strikes to Pope, but a drop kick drops Joe. Pope drops Joe with a neck breaker. Punch to Joe's head. Pope showboats, then up top. Joe catches Pope with an inverted atomic drop. Pope slammed down, then splashed for two. Joe hits that sweet power slam for two. Joe gets Pope up, but he wiggles out. Knee to Joe's head. Pope showboats. Pope removes top padding. Chops to Joe, then he's whipped, but Joe stops himself before hitting the corner. Pope tries more offense but Joe locks on his choke and Pope very quickly taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe and Pope talk a bit in the ring. Pope extends his hand, Joe waves him off. Pope tries again. Joe slaps his hand. Pope attacks Joe. Okato over the top, but Pope drops him fast. Joe face first into the exposed buckle. Pope then hits his DDE onto Joe. Joe falls to the mat, blood dripping. Joe screams and runs at Pope who runs for his life. Pope taunts from the stage.


Hemme with Mickie. She says she's there to make history. Mickie calls Rayne a chump. She said Tara laid down for Rayne to win. Rayne won't be getting up this time.

TNA Knockout Women's Championship
Last Knockout Standing
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James

Rayne went after Mickie with that glove, but Mickie takes Rayne down over and over with clotheslines. Mickie sent outside, Rayne out after her. Mickie beats on Rayne outside, trying to get her glove off. Mickie face first into the stairs. The ref counts, but only to 5. Mickie slides in through Rayne's legs. Mickie back on Rayne with a clothesline.


Rayne heads from the ring, up the ramp. Mickie on her, but Rayne back with blows to Mickie's back with that glove. Mickie slammed back first into the barrier, then into the apron. The ref starts counting, but Mickie gets up. Mickie reverses Rayne into the post, back first. Rayne sent in, Mickie after her. Rayne falls back, holding Mickie's head to her knee. Mickie down, but gets up. A kick to Rayne's gut, then Rayne to the apron. Mickie drops her to the floor. The ref counts.

Mickie flies off the apron onto Rayne. Mickie tries to get Rayne's glove off. Rayne crawls under the ring. Mickie goes in after her. Rayne out the other side, Mickie out after her. Rayne swings that glove, but Mickie ducks, it hits the stairs. Mickie slammed Rayne into the stairs. Mickie pulls Rayne up through the count. Mickie climbs, but Rayne sends her flying, bouncing off the apron. The ref counts. Mickie barely makes it before ten.

Rayne swings, but Mickie moves. Mickie climbs and flies with a fez press. Mickie gets Rayne's glove. Tara out on the apron. Rayne pulls out knucks and hits Mickie while the ref dealt with Tara. Madison Rayne retains.

Winner: Madison Rayne


Jeff Hardy said he was going to get his title back and wished Ken Anderson well, "you a**hole."


Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

Morgan into the ring. 'Morgan' chants. He says he was going to say something. He calls out Hernandez. Hernandez out, all ego. Morgan wants Hernandez to talk before he beats Hernandez's ass all over the Zone. Morgan wants to know why Hernandez cost him the title shot? What about his title shot? Hernandez went to Mexico, his roots, his people. They love him, treated him like the star he is. Not how he's treated here. He's there to tell Morgan and white America, no more! This is Hispanic America. This is our country. That's why he's back in TNA, to stick it to every gringo who doesn't appreciate them. Morgan doesn't like it, take his candy ass out of their country. Low blow to Morgan. Shoulder block to Morgan.

Hernandez gets Morgan up on his shoulder and slams him to the mat hard. Hernandez leaves the ring, Morgan lolling on the mat.


Matt Hardy says he's always gone above and beyond for everyone and it got him nowhere. Jeff came to TNA and Matt was punished for it. RVD is just a stepping stone, in his way. He'll chew up RVD and spit him out. RVD stands fro everything Matt's against. He'll beat RVD and continue his undefeated record.

Matt Hardy vs. RVD


Matt out to the ring, glaring at the fans the whole way. RVD's music and he comes out to the ring. Taz talks up both wrestlers. They lock up. They push back and forth until RVD is backed into a corner. Matt slaps RVD hard on the break. They exchange blows until RVD kicks Matt. RVD goes for his monkey flips, but eats the corner, then a clothesline.

Blows to RVD in a corner. The ref breaks it up. RVD fights back with blows and takes Matt out of the ring. 'RVD' chants. Matt on the apron, but dropkicked off. RVD to the apron, but Matt pulls his legs out from under him. RVD into the barrier back first a couple times. RVD gets Matt up and lands Matt across the barrier. RVd to the apron, then drops a leg on Matt's back.

Matt back into the ring, but he grabs RVd with a double arm DDt through the ropes for two. RVD rolls out, Matt out after him. RVD face first on the barrier (never touched it with his face). RVd sells face pain. Matt in the ring, pulls RVD in and drops a leg on the back of RVD's head. Matt pins for two.

Elbows to the top of RVD's head. Matt locks on a beautiful submission hold that drops RVD to the mat. RVD gets a foot on the ropes. Taz rants about a fan who will come back with saying Matt has done this move before. RVD sent up into the bottom rope for two. Dueling chants for them both. Full nelson on RVD. RVD kicks out, but eats an elbow. RVD pinned for two.


Reverse hold on RVD. RVD to a knee, then back up and free. RVD whipped. Matt out to the apron. RVD's kick misses and RVD sent to the mat. Matt climbs, but when he flies eats RVD's foot. Both are down. Both up with blows. RVD with clothelines, then a dropkick. Matt moves out of the way of rolling thunder, so RVD hit a standing moonsault for two. A kick to Matt's head. RVD hits his split legged moonsault for two. Matt ducks a kick and hits side effect for two.

Matt sets up, waits for RVD to his feet. RVD whips Matt and hits a leg lariat. RVd up, Matt cuts him off. Matt up with RVD, but sent down by forearms. Back body drop to RVD that looked nasty. Matt's moonsault avoided when RVd moved. RVD up and hits a very far 5 star frog splash for three.

Winner: RVD


Hemme with Ray. He screams in her face. He then bullied her, tried to get her to cry. He likes to see women cry, shows how weak they are. Talking about weak, Devon. He wants Devon's sons as he can make a man out of them. If they follow Devon, they'll be side kicks taking orders from a man like Ray. He's done with Ray and ending this stuff with Devon. he's beating Devon and wants to beat his kids too. Does Hemme like that? He knows she does.


Street Fight
Brother Devon vs. Bully Ray

Bully Ray out, then backstage again. Devon's music and he runs out to the ring. He then realizes no Ray. Ray sneaks up behind Devon with that chain, but Devon stops him with punches. They exchange blows, then Ray onto the barrier. a water bottle punch to Ray's head. More blows on Ray.

Ray's face bounces off the stairs. Devon grabs a cable and chokes Ray with it. They exchange blows. Devon hits another liquid shot, covering a camera. More blows on Ray and more people offering Devon drinks to hit Ray with. Ray into the ring, Devon under hunting. Devon with a kendo stick to Ray's throat. Two blows to Ray's back. Ray slapped Devon. Devon hits Ray over the head with the kendo. Devon with a chair, puts it on Ray's head. Devon grabs Ray's chain. Devon yells, but then Terrence and Terrell out tot he ring, cheering Devon on. They argue from outside the ring. Ray nails Devon in the back with the chair.

Ray spits on the boys, then puts the chair over Devon's head. The boys get in the ring and grab Ray's arms. He flings them off. Ray swings the chain, taunting them. Devon up and nails Ray with clotheslines. Ray yells 'oh s–t!' as Devon hits a body drops on him. One boy hits Ray with a chair. They hold Ray's legs fro Devon to fly with 'what's up! Devon slaps the boys' chests, counts and they all yell, 'get the tables!' The boys did just that. Devon sets it up, but then a low blow from Ray. Ray out, grabs handcuffs and locks Devon to a corner.


The boys in to help Devon. Ray takes out one boy, then yells at Devon to look. The other boy attacks Ray and eats a big boot. Ray pins the second boy for three.

Winner: Bully Ray

Devon still cuffed and can't get to his boys as Ray gloats. Ray chases off Earl Hebner. 'You suck' chants. Ray yells at Devon, then spits at him. Ray wants to know what Devon's going to do. Ray yells, 'oh my brother, testify!' Ray wails back with the chair, but then doesn't hit Devon. Devon screams for security as Ray threatens the boys with the chair. Ray seemed to come back to reality, but then he grabbed a boy, kept yelling at Devon that he's weak. Ray then bombs a boy through the table. Ray then seemed to fall into that trance while Devon really oversold. Ray dropped down and said it's 'because Devon's weak.

Devon yelled that he's going to kill Ray as he left. Finally they got Devon lose to check on his boys. Medical people helping both boys. The one who went through the table being slid onto a board as Taz is completely disgusted about why they have to watch this so closely.

Taz said as violent as their careers have been, he never thought he'd see Ray do such a thing, especially to Devon's kids. One boy slid out to a stretcher. Devon put his other son over his shoulder and carried him out.



JB with Jeff and Karen, both in red. JJ says he'd never put his kids in harms way. Angle doesn't have a chance to beat JJ. He guarantees he'll beat Angle. On March 3rd Angle will walk Karen to JJ.


Hemme with Angle. He says all he's worried about is his kids. He sees JJ messing with his kids. Tonight, after he beats Daddy Jeff's ass, they're coming home.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett
If Jarrett wins, Angle must give Karen Jarrett away at her wedding. If Angle wins, he gets sole custody of Kody and Kyra Angle.

JJ out with Karen on his arm. Karen is in a slim red dress, belted with big earrings and sparkly silver go-go boots! Angle comes up through the stage, then out.

Taz said that this would be the biggest victory of his career. 'Angle' chants. Angle backs JJ into a corner. JJ makes the ref back Angle off. Side headlock takeover on JJ. Angle keeps the hold as Angle's backed into a corner. The ref breaks them. Side headlock on Angle who easily pushes JJ off. Angle let JJ put it back on, then easily pushed out. JJ locks it on again, but a backlock suplex on JJ. Hammer lock on JJ. JJ tries to counter, but Angle wouldn't allow it. Angle backed to the ropes, then elbowed in the face. JJ runs into a hip toss, then a suplex on JJ for two.


Blows to JJ, backing him in a corner. Karen keeps screeching, so Angle tossed JJ out at her. Angle out after with blows to JJ. Karen b—h slaps Angle. Angle back on JJ with blows. Angle told Karen to slap him again. She ran. JJ sent back in, Angle after him. JJ into a back elbow for two, then two again.

Back outside and JJ gains control. Into the ring, JJ climbs and flies with a crossbody, Angle rolls through for two. A couple blows to Angle's head. JJ whips Angle hard enough that he hits the mat. Heat for JJ. Angle pulled to his feet, but then Angle reverses the whip. Angle runs into JJ boot. JJ climbs, but Angle runs up and hits a release fisherman's suplex. Both are down.

Angle in corner with clotheslines, then a belly to belly for two. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but JJ gets free before it's locked on. Angle hits three suplexes on JJ who barely gets his shoulder up. Karen screeched. JJ reverses a suplex and kicks Angle in the side of the head. Angle reverses out of the stroke into an ankle lock. JJ sends Angle flying. Angle hits his angle slam, but Brian Henbner is held on the apron by Karen. Low blow to Angle behind Brian's back. JJ hits the stroke, but Angle kicks out!

JJ threatens Brian. Angle reverses the stroke, JJ into Brian. JJ rolls out, Angle after him. Karen rakes her nails down Angle's back. Angle after Karen and JJ attacks from behind with a forearm. Angle into the stairs and over. JJ slams Angle face first into the stairs, then again. Angle sent into the ring. JJ grabs a chair and into the ring.


Angle gets the chair from JJ, but then Brian up and takes the chair. JJ rolls Angle up. Angle takes JJ down for two. Angle up top, Karen distracts. JJ hits the stroke from up top. JJ pins but Angle kicks out. JJ's head in his hands. 'Angle' chants erupt. Suplex to JJ and the straps come down. Karen's screeching. Ankle lock on JJ. Karen reaches for JJ. Karen is pulled into the ring. JJ taps out, but Brian's with Karen. JJ grabs the chair and nails Angle in the head with it. JJ pins, but Angle gets a shoulder up!

Small package, JJ kicks out. Sunset flip to JJ, but JJ drops down on Angle and gets the three.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Angle sits in the ring looking sick. Karen tends to her husband on the floor. JJ up. They get part way up the ramp, but he drops down and they stare down at Angle in the ring. Angle takes his boots off and sets them in the middle of the ring. Taz says this usually symbolizes the end of a career. Taz is in shock. Angel leaves the ring, leaves his boots.


Hemme with Anderson. She asks if he feels the odds are stacked against him. He says yes, yes, yes. This is Jeff's match. He made it famous, and it made him famous. To sound like a certain governor, there might be a conspiracy here. Who knows how many refs they have waiting to help. Anderson doesn't love Jeff, but he loves competition. Every match is Anderson's match. If he wins tonight it's be cause he's the bigger asshole. Asshole.


TNA Championship
Ladder Match
Mr. Anderson (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff walks slowly to the ring, dragging his painted ladder behind him. Jeff stares up at his ugly creation, then climbs into the ring to pose for the fans. Anderson (from now on, Ken) out to the ring.

Both look up at the strap as the bell rings. They meet in the middle, talk a bit. Jeff spits in Ken's face. Blows to Jeff until he flees the ring. Ken out after Jeff, attacks from behind and sends him into the barrier. Jeff tries for a twist of hate outside, but Ken pushes him off. Jeff hits a ladder face first.

Ken grabs a ladder. Jeff grabs the other end in a tug-a-war. Jeff slammed back first into the apron with the ladder. Ken sends the ladder in. Jeff hits a neck breaker on Ken onto the ladder! Jeff drags the ladder over and sets it up. Jeff climbs, but Ken pushes it over. Ken hits a neck breaker and about tries to pin, then remembers. Ken climbs, Jeff grabs ken, sends him flying back. Jeff at Ken and gets double boots to the guts. Jeff sends the top of the ladder into Ken's privates.

Jeff sets up the ladder as a ramp in a corner. Ken fights back and hits a side Russian leg sweep, slamming Jeff back onto the ladder! Video replay over and over. Ken out and sends another ladder in. Ken sets up the ladder in the center of the ring. Ken climbs. Jeff up, climbs the other side. Blows onto ken over the top. Jeff comes over the top power bombing Ken from the ladder. Ken's head hits hard.


Jeff scoops Ken up and slams him to the mat. Jeff climbs a corner, onto the ladder and over, but Ken moves out of the way of Jeff's leg drop. Jeff left holding his knee.

Jeff rushes Ken, but Ken moves and Jeff eats corner. Ken rushes Jeff, but into a back body drop right on that ladder! Jeff stomps at Ken, then rearranges ladders. Jeff chokes Ken in the ropes, slamming onto Ken's back. Ken face first into a corner. Ken fights back with elbows. Jeff sends Ken out through the ropes. Baseball slide sends Ken into the barrier.

Jeff goes to get his painted ladder and slams it toward Ken, but Ken shoves it back, dropping Jeff to the floor. Dueling chants fill the arena! Ken knee first into the stairs. Jeff moves the stairs a bit, then grabs a screaming Ken. Blows to Ken's head, then Jeff backs up. Jeff runs, springs off the stairs and lands a leg across Ken sending him over the barrier.

Jeff sends Ken into the ring. Jeff tries for something but Ken counters Jeff into the upside-down ladder Jeff had set up. Ken sets up a ladder and climbs, over selling his pain. Jeff up and drags Ken down. Twist of hate on Ken. Jeff asks Jackson for a ladder. The painted ladder comes in.

Jeff grabs at Ken, but Ken reverses and gets Jeff on his shoulders. Ken rolls through, Jeff landing on the ladder. Ken climbs for a swanton, but Jeff moves and Ken lands on the back of his head. Jeff sets up two ladders and starts to climb. Ken meets him up there. Jeff tries for a twist of hate off the ladder, but it doesn't happen. Blows back and forth, both up top, within reach. Ken's face bounced off the top of his ladder. Jeff grabs the strap, but Ken grabs him. ken swings the strap so Jeff couldn't get it. They both go down to the mat hard. Jeff tries to grab the strap on his way down.


Jeff starts climbing again and this time Ken can't catch up.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

They air recap videos and Hardy celebrates.