Triple H Speaks Out On New Movie, His Next Film & More

Triple H recently discussed The Chaperone with, here are the highlights?

On Him Taking Such A Long Break Between Movies: Yeah, for me, I dug what I was doing, do you know what I mean? And that was the thing for me. When "Blade" came along and I did "Blade," it was fun to do and all that, but I was a WWE star and that's what I wanted to be doing, and that's what I had in my head. I got offered a few other things, and if it would have been something great I suppose, I might have jumped on it, but it wasn't something where I thought it was worth taking time away from this. I'm at a different point now, I'm at point of my career where I'm 41 years old, which from a WWE wrestling standpoint is a young man's business. I'm not saying I'm done, but it's not what I'm going to be doing full-time every day for the next ten years. It was the time for me to do it and it was a different challenge for me, I enjoyed it.

On Getting The Script: I'm not sure how they acquired the script–but they sent a copy of the script to me and I thought it was good, I enjoyed it. It obviously needed some changes or whatever but I enjoyed the script. I thought the story was good, and I thought that it had a good feel to it, a good heart, and the character was good, so I told them I was interested in doing it when the time was right. We just kind of slotted it into production. I did another film for them also, which I was never scheduled to do, but one of the guys they were going to do it with we had contractual issues with and he left and Vince asked me to do it, so I stepped in and I did that one also. "The Chaperone" I was always supposed to do, and I just liked it because it was a different challenge. It was a character that I got to be a little funny at times, serious at times, emotional at times, so it was a different challenge for me. It's easy for us to go out there, we can all do action pretty well, and I think that's the standard of what everybody thinks they're going to get out of us. To be able to do something else, not just from a fan's standpoint, but from a challenge standpoint. I'd like to do things that aren't just me being Triple H but with a different name.

On Parents Being Able To Bring Their Kids To The Movie: I mean, I hope they will. I guess to me there was a point in time when Arnold (Schwarzenegger) was making movies where he slaughtered hundreds of people per scene, and then he made "Kindergarten Cop," but people kind of went with it. I'm hoping that's what they'll see. The thing that's difficult for us is I think they think they see Triple H of the WWE and they think that's all we are, because it's the character they see us as the most and we get typecast in that role. But it's really a character I play, no different than Ray Bradstone in "The Chaperone" is. It's a character that you portray in a show, but not everybody, but there's a lot of guys that are very talented in the WWE that can do other things than just what we do, too.

On His Next Film: Yeah, I mean, we shot in five weeks. One of the things that WWE Studios do, we shoot movies back-to-back in the same location. We shot four films in New Orleans, all back-to-back, so we save a ton of money on releasing the crew, then starting with a new crew. Basically, we would shoot a film five, six weeks, take a week off or so, and then they go right into the next film with the same crews, and all that changes out is the cast and the directors and stuff like that. Everything else kind of stays the same, so by the time we got to doing "The Chaperone," these people had all worked together for probably the better part of a year. So it was a very family environment, which is kinda what the WWE is anyway, so it really kinda worked.