Source: Pwinsider

-- As of today, there is nothing new to report on the Martha Hart v. WWE lawsuit.

-- Bret Hart, not the wrestler, issued his resignation from the company today. Hart worked in the live events department for the company. It had been expected that others would be leaving, once Donna Goldsmith resigned from the company. WWE announces its latest financial quarters on Thursday.

-- On February 3rd, WWE filed a lawsuit against Interactive S.P.A. based out of Italy. The suit is for breach of contract in regard to money owed to the company for licensing WWE Television to Interactive for Italian cable networks Sportitalia Channel and SI Live as well as for the rights to an Italian language version of the WWE website. WWE claims that they are owed $551,087.50 for television rights that are past due and $129,752.20 for website rights, plus interest. They have asked the state of Connecticut, where the lawsuit was filed, for a jury trial. Interactive S.P.A. has yet to respond to the lawsuit.