Y2J Apologizes To UFC Talents, Goldust Responds To Flair Report

– As noted over the weekend here on the website, Chris Jericho took a shot at UFC fighters following the UFC 126 pay-per-view event. "Ok guess I'm the only "old school pro wrestler" to say it?screw UFC fighters. U could NEVER do what me and my brothers do", he said. Jericho followed up with another tweet claiming he had a few drinks. "Dear UFC fighters, My apologies...(gulp). #Drunkichostrikesagain", he said.


– Goldust responded to the Ric Flair-TNA report on his Twitter: "Wanna clear this up....a wrestling website is saying I used to get advances on my pay while at the other....well I did not...enough said", he said.

– Ex-WWE Diva Maria Kanellis is featured in a new online comedy show on Funny Or Die. The first episode is posted below. The official synopsis for the series is as follows: "Meet Jake Swallow, former competitive eater turned drunken mooch whom with the help of his spiritually enlightened brother is ready to get back in the game! Watch the hilarious and utterly ridiculous training methods he uses to win back his title, his fans, and his girlfriend- all which have been stolen by his nemesis."