On episode #10 of the WNS Podcast for Wrestling News Source, Danny Ray, Jordan Landry and Tyler Abear interview ECW Original Balls Mahoney. Among the topics discussed are Mahoney’s upcoming “fans bring the weapons” match vs. Lenn Oddity at Death Match Tournament LIVE Sat. April 2nd at NJN Studios 25 South Stockton Street – Trenton, NJ 08608!

During the interview Balls Mahoney revealed the last time he got mad at somebody for their in-ring actions was in WWE (ECW) against Kevin Thorn who knocked his tooth out. He notes that after a couple squash matches he was asked to go against Kevin Thorn to put him over – Mahoney said: “He (Thorn) beat the f*ck out of me, from the first time he touched me…I mean physically beat the sh*t out of me”. He said that Scott Armstrong the referee for the bout was also concerned about the aggressiveness of Thorn and as the bout continued Thorn went against the planned finished and elbowed Mahoney in the neck and jaw resulting in Balls losing a tooth which left him not being able to breath. The match was brought to a close but not before Thorn press his arm across Mahoney’s throat and swished his face.

Mahoney went on to reveal that backstage he blew up at Thorn and gave him a piece of his mind to an onlooking lockeroom including JBL who was looking for Mahoney to fight Thorn but he refrained as he didn’t want to lose his job. Concluding Mahoney revealed there is no heat between the two now and that Thorn is a good worker. He did however note one backstage WWE agent took pleasure in the whole situation and said he won’t reveal his name but “I’m not Sid Vicious and I am not going to stab this guy with a scissor I will f*cking shoot him”, an an obvious hint at Arn Anderson.

Balls also talks about crazy bumps, injuries and his most violent matches.

You can listen to the full Ball’s Mahoney interview by clicking here.

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