Breaking Updates: UFC Buys Strikeforce

Here are some more notes from the UFC-Strikeforce deal:

  • UFC approached Strikeforce about purchasing the company.

  • The deal was finalized this morning (Saturday). There had been talks for several weeks now. It was done fairly quickly.

  • Almost nobody knew that talks between UFC and Strikeforce were ongoing.

  • Dana White says he knows Strikeforce is a brand that people like and the purchase opens up more fights.

  • Scott Coker will remain in charge of Strikeforce. They will remain separate brands. Strikeforce will continue to run "business as usual". All Strikeforce contracts remain in place.

  • Dana White again says "it's business as usual" with both companies running separate events.

  • White would not disclose how much the deal was worth but said "it was a good deal".

  • You can compare this deal to the UFC/PRIDE purchase years ago as well as the WWE/WCW purchase. This is a huge deal in the MMA world guys.

  • The video of Dana White and Ariel Helwani that we posted earlier explains a ton. We've re-posted it again below and it's definitely worth checking out. You'll know the entire situation after watching the video below. Keep in mind that Dana White changes his mind on a daily basis so who knows.

    We'll keep you posted on this MAJOR breaking MMA story over on We'll keep the rest of the updates over there as mainly features pro wrestling news. We just thought this was a big enough story to also post here as well. Check out for breaking updates on this story. Thanks for your continued support of as well! Have a great rest of your weekend.

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