Dixie Carter's Suspended Twitter Account + Nash's Party

-- For those of you headed to Atlanta, GA in the next few days for WrestleMania 27, have a good drive or flight and most of all - be safe! Please send us any reports from AXXESS, WrestleReunion, DG:USA, ROH, etc. etc. We'll post them with credit to you. You can email me by clicking my name above. You can also text my email right from your phones and I'll get them that way. Thanks again and be safe! For you website readers, check back in often as the WrestleMania festivities are really starting to pick up. It's about to get crazy around here! We'll also be doing a LIVE WZR Radio< WrestleMania special TONIGHT from 7-9EST! We'll also be taking live phone calls where you can give us your predictions on-air. We hope you'll join us later tonight. Look for the live media links to be posted here on the website around 6EST.

-- As previously reported, Dixie Carter's Twitter account is suspended. Yesterday, someone started a fake Twitter account for Dixie and mimicked her style of posting. Apparently they did such a good job that when they posted the following to Hulk Hogan, "@HulkHogan4Real Terry i'm back on twitter now," Hogan retweeted something from the fake Dixie. Hogan was also the victim of a Twitter impersonator earlier this year. TNA noted that Carter's account is not yet back online and it will be announced by the company when it is. Do people really take the time to do stupid things like this? Good lord.

-- Kevin Nash sent out the following today… B.G. James has been added as a vendor guest to Kevin Nash and Sean Waltmans' Atlanta party tomorrow night at the Sutra Lounge in Atlanta. James joins Raven, Melissa Coates and Amber O'Neal as vendor guests expected to appear at the event. Former WCW wrestler, Mike "Above Average" Sanders is planning on stopping by to hang out with the crowd as well since him and Nash are good buddies. There's been talk of a couple other wrestling personalities coming out to party on Friday, so make sure you get your tickets now. Tonight at Midnight is the last night to purchase advanced tickets. There are only General Admission tickets left, but after tonight, you will only be able to purchase tickets at the door and they will be an additional $10. Be sure you get yours now if you plan on attending the event! If you have any questions, please call 903.277.6089 or email [email protected] Doors for general admission holders open at 8:00 EST tomorrow. VIP guests get in an hour early. To purchase tickets, visit https://www.itsmyseat.com//events/167966.html.


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