Ivelisse Velez-Twitter, How Old Is Evan Bourne?, Ziggler

-- Evan Bourne celebrated his 28th birthday yesterday. As noted earlier, Bourne was backstage visiting at the ROH show at the Manhattan Center prior to the WWE event across the street at Madison Square Garden.

-- Beginning next Saturday, Galavision in the US will be carrying CMLL at 5 PM and AAA at 7 PM.

-- Dolph Ziggler revealed on Twitter that an Authentic WWE T-shirt bearing his name is in the works. "Attention DOLPHANS: DOLPH ZIGGLER Authentic WWE T-SHIRT has gone into production!!!" he wrote. "Perfection is on its way!" Ziggler calls his followers Dolphans?! Hah!

-- Tough Enough contestant Ivelisse Velez has launched an account on Twitter at https://twitter.com/prhuntress. She is known on the Chicago independent wrestling scene as Juliet "The Huntress".


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