Jim Ross 'Injury' Update, Y2J's WWE Return, & More

-- Jim Ross posted the following on Twitter: "Cole may not know how to really apply ankle lock but Swagger sure as hell does & he did the damage on me. Cole aggravated it, like a rash. I'm not 'selling' my ankle. 'Selling' indicates my ankle isn't hurt. Wrong. Legit injury but oliver stone's out there should believe what they choose."

-- WWE.com has a new interview up with Chris Jericho. In it, he talks about Dancing With The Stars, WWE, and more. On why he isn't with WWE right now, he said "One of the reasons I'm not in WWE now is DWTS," Jericho said. "You have to be 100 percent physically and mentally devoted to one or the other. You can't do both. I'm sure I'll be back. I have to return to WWE to take my persona back. I watched Raw on Monday and felt like I was having an out of body experience. I was watching myself on live TV! Then I realized I hadn't gotten that ugly and become that bad of a wrestler and realized I was actually watching the current WWE Champion, The Miz."


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