TNA Victory Road: AJ Styles Vs. Matt Hardy


Matt Hardy is backstage with Ric Flair and Christy Hemme. Hardy's new nickname is Cold Blood and Flair really likes that. Hardy says AJ Styles is naive, and he needs to keep that in mind tonight. Flair woos as Hardy walks off.

AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy

The bell rings and Styles talks a bit of trash to Flair before he and Hardy lock up. Hardy pushes Styles into the corner, but when he goes for a cheap shot, AJ is too fast, avoiding it and coming up with some big shots and chops of his own. Styles kicks Hardy in the gut and locks in a side headlock. Hardy is able to fight out of the hold, but he's taken out by a shoulder block. Styles applies another headlock, but Hardy fights out of it. He and AJ continue to trade holds. Hardy is able to hit a shoulder block, but AJ responds with a huge dropkick and Hardy rolls to the outside. Styles teases a dive, but when Hardy rolls back into the ring, Styles stops himself and lands on the apron. Hardy tries to bring Styles into the ring the hard way, but Styles lands on his feet, and tosses Hardy back to the outside. He goes for a dive again, but Flair distracts him by holding his foot. This allows Hardy to connect with a couple of big clubbing blows, a body slam, and a big elbow drop.

Hardy charges AJ, and AJ catches Hardy with a low bridge so that Matt finds himself outside yet again. AJ comes to the outside with a big moonsault that takes Hardy out, but while he's laying in to Hardy with big right hands, Hebner argues with him, and this allows Hardy to retaliate. Hardy is able to pick Styles up and slam him shoulder first into the ring post. Hardy breaks the ref's count, and comes back to the outside to continues to beat on AJ. Hardy tries to launch AJ into the guard rail, but Styles slides right under it! Styles follows this up with a big jumping forearm, launching himself from the guardrail. Styles brings Hardy back into the ring where he tries for a German suplex, but Hardy fights it off. Styles tries to fight off an attempt from Hardy, so Hardy simply launches him backwards into the turnbuckles.

Hardy picks AJ up and tosses him to the outside. On the outside, Flair lays in to AJ with chops and punches while Hardy distracts the ref in the ring. Hebner comes to the outside to keep Flair away from Styles and he and Flair get into a shoving match. Hardy brings Styles into the ring, and hangs him up between the bottom and middle ropes, hitting a sick slingshot straight up into the middle rope. AJ attempts to fight back, but Hardy locks in a double underhook submission hold, wrapping his legs around Styles' body. Styles takes a while to go down to his knees, but he eventually does. Styles tries to counter into a pin, but Hardy kicks out. Styles is forced to find his way to the ropes to force a break. Hardy chokes AJ with his boot before trying for the same hold. AJ backs Hardy up into the corner, but Hardy is able to hot shot AJ right into the turnbuckle.

Hardy chokes Styles in the ropes, and while he turns away and argues with the ref, Flair grabs Styles' groin, and Styles screams. Hardy hits a couple of drop down elbows, and goes for a cover but he's still only able to get a two count. Hardy locks in a cravat that brings AJ down to his knees, and eventually his side. Hardy continues to apply pressure, but AJ gets right back up to his feet and takes it to Hardy with big right hands, and chops. Hardy launches Styes in the ropes, both men go for clotheslines and both connect, but AJ comes up with a big jumping enzugiri and both men are down.

Both men get up to their knees, and eventually their feet, trading punches the whole time. AJ gets the advantage with a NASTY neckbreaker across AJ's knee. Styles continues to focus on Hardy's neck with a giant suplex that's good for a two count. Styles goes up to the top rope, but Hardy avoids Styles. Hardy hits the side effect, and goes for the pin, but Styles kicks out at two. Hardy goes up to the middle rope and launches himself off with a big elbow to the back of Styles' head. Hardy calls for the Twist of Hate, and he goes for it, but Styles counters into a backslide for a two count, before connecting with a big discus clothesline.

Styles attempts the Styles clash, but Hardy counters with the Alabama Slam. Hardy goes for the pin but he only gets a two count. Styles picks himself back up and catches Hardy with a back elbow, and a moonsault DDT from the corner. Styles goes for the pin, but a distraction from Flair allows Hardy to kick out. Flair gets up to the apron where he pokes AJ in the eye. AJ fights Hardy off before hitting a Pele kick to Flair's head. Hardy connects with a giant DDT and a moonsault from the top rope, but Styles is still able to kick out of a pin attempt. Hardy tries for the twist of hate again but Styles fights it off. Hardy goes up to the top and Styles catches him with a Pele kick as well. Styles climbs to the top rope and hits the spinal tap off the top rope. Styles goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles


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