Who Was The Blonde On Tough Enough?, Mason Ryan/Batista

-- The blonde contestant shown during the Tough Enough trailer that aired during RAW is Juliet The Huntress, a 22-year-old independent wrestler of Puerto Rican descent based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Juliet began her wrestling career in Puerto Rico in 2005, joining World Wrestling Council (WWC) during her rookie year. She later transferred to the International Wrestling Association (IWA), which is owned by former WWE Superstar Savio Vega. After gaining experience in the Caribbean, she headed to the United States in 2008 and has been competing on the Chicago independent circuit ever since. (Thanks to Jeffrey)

-- During Monday night's RAW telecast on Televisa in Mexico, Mason Ryan was constantly referred as "Batista 2" by the announcers.

-- The introductory video package showcasing sin Cara did not air during Monday night's RAW telecast on Televisa in Mexico. That's very strange to say the least.


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