The Wrestlemania Press Conference in New York City took place today with The Rock, Triple H, The Miz and other on hand.

Here are the highlights:

– Stephanie McMahon welcomed everyone. When the crowd chanted “Hogan sucks”, she said that Hulk “wouldn’t be part of this year’s Wrestlemania, that’s for sure.” She then introduced Triple H. Hunter kissed her and then announced he would be inducting his best friend Shawn Michaels into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend. Then he cut a promo on The Undertaker.

– The Miz was next, and he said he would retain his belt because he’s awesome.

– John Cena then cut a promo while fans drowned him out with chants for The Rock as well as “same old sh**.”

– Snooki then talked about Lay-Cool and said the name of her team was the “Brunette Mafia”.

– The Rock then spoke as everyone chanted “one more match” and “fruity pebbles”. Snooki asked if she could get a photo with Rock and Cena together. They take the photo then engage in a staredown.

– Vince McMahon was not present for the event.