WWE DVD On Netflix, Hulk On Leaving TNA, Idol Finalist Huge WWE Fan

-- The True Story of Wrestlemania Disc 1 will be available for on-demand streaming on Netflix starting tomorrow.

-- Hulk Hogan debunked Honky Tonk Man's recent claims on his Twitter account. For those of you who missed it over the weekend, Honky Tonk Man said that Hogan was on his way out of TNA (link). "He's trying to stay alive by acting like he knows what's up," wrote Hogan. "htm was over 20yrs ago.he's history."

-- American Idol Season 10 finalist is a huge wrestling fan, and talked to MTV News about his favorite wrestler, the Miz, and the return of the Rock. You can check that out by clicking here. He also often talks wrestling on his Twitter account at Twitter.com/JDurbinAI10.

Alex Seiver and Nico Bascon contributed to this article.


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