“Yes sir, we promised you a great main event.”

Josh Matthews opens the show, welcoming everyone to Smackdown. Michael Cole announces HHH’s response to The Undertaker for later tonight.

Edge’s music hits and he comes out to the ring. They show Booker T next to Josh & Cole, and he looks pretty sharp dressed up in full suit. They then show a clip of Del Rio’s attack on Edge from last week, Cole pushing the full heel factor during the clip. A return to Edge with him staring at the Wrestlemania sign. Edge is pretty much on fire, and wants a fight with Del Rio. He calls him out right then and there, saying he will find him if he doesn’t come out. Then Del Rio’s music hits. He comes out with his body guard Brodus Clay. Edge calls Del Rio a “Ricky Martin” wannabee. Del Rio enters the ring who is in full wrestling attire saying the usual spiel about winning at Wrestlemania. Edge responds “I don’t think so” and attacks Del Rio. Clay starts pounding on Edge and after a minute or two, Christian runs out to the ring. Both Clay & Del Rio start beating on both Edge & Christian for a few minutes until Teddy Long comes out and announces a tag match for later in the evening which is Del Rio & Clay against Edge & Christian, stating its been ten years since the two have teamed together.

Cole then announces an exclusive interview with John Cena for later in the evening and we go to our first commercial break.

Big Show and Kane vs. Wade Barrett and Heath Slater
Back from commercial and Kane’s pyro goes off & he hits the ring for his tag match with Show against Wade Barrett & Slater. They show a clip of Kane hitting the Big Show with the chair, then cleaning house on The Corre. Barrett comes out with mic in hand, calling Kane a “great big chemical mistake” for attacking Gabriel last week. The two waste no time in going after each other and then the rest of The Corre comes out to aid Barrett. Then Big Show comes out with a chair to the rescue. Big Show is limping considerably, and wearing some sort of headband or bandanna on his head, yellow letters with the words “Go Big..” on it, but can’t see it all. Barrett & company wants no part of it and exits the ring. We go to our next commercial break after another promo for Snooki as guest host for Raw this coming Monday. Yay. Now I’m thinkin, that would be a great time for Awesome Kong to make her debut.

Back from the break and Big Show is in control. Slater tags in Barrett. Show tries to give a choke slam to Barrett, but he avoids it, then takes down show. He beats & kicks him down, then tags in Slater, who tries a headlock, then after a side slam by Show, Kane is in with a tag and a house afire. He gives Slater a big boot, preps for the choke slam, but the rest of the Corre comes out and this match ends in a DQ. The Corre is beating on Kane, until Big Show comes back in with a chair in hand again. First its a chair to Zeke’s gut. He tosses the chair to Barrett, and then gives him a knock out punch through the chair. Corre is cleaned out, and when Kane is back on his feet, Show clubs him over the head as payback for last week. We go to the next break after the usual video promo for Wrestlemania.

Winner: Big Show & Kane via disqualification

Back from break and we have more of Cole pushing his interview with Cena. He is really pushing the heel factor here. Booker asks to see the clip from Raw on Monday night where Cole introduces his special guest referee for Wrestlemania as JBL. But Austin comes out, and unless you’ve been living under a rock or not watching this site, you all know how that turned out. The clip pretty much ran in it’s entirety. We come back from the clip and Cole continues to push the heel factor. And who better to help in his cause than Stone Cold Steve Austin? They announce the Edge/Christian v Del Rio/Clay match for later, then show Cody Rhodes in full suit walking to the ring, and we go to another break.

Cody Rhodes vs JTG
Cody Rhodes comes out in a full suit complete with his face mask. JTG is already in the ring awaiting the match. They show the clip from last week of the ambush by Dusty Rhodes on Mysterio. Cody looked repulsed when they showed the video as he watched it. They should just give him a “phantom” mask and go with that gimmick, but that’s been used before right? Can we say Warlord? This is an extremely short match which last about two minutes when Cody hits his finisher on JTG and it’s over. Cody heads to the back and we get a replay of the clip of HBK giving his opinion of Triple H for the Wrestlemania match. The announce again that H will respond to the Undertaker later tonight. As Michael Cole gets in the ring for his interview with Cena, we go to break.

Winner: Cody Rhodes (very short match here, a time killer, not worth a rating.)

Back from break and Cole announces Cena to the ring, and he comes out to a big pop like usual. Cole thanks him for joining him on “his show” tonight. Cole shows the clip of Cena getting laid out by Miz on Monday night, including Miz giving Cena the “people’s elbow.” The clip gets booed by the fans, as Cena grabs the mic away from Cole. Cena basically takes control of the interview after telling Cole to go crawl back into the hole he came out of. He then starts in on Miz, saying he just made the biggest mistake of his career. Saying he should have stayed under the radar and he may have had a chance at winning. But Cena is done messing around. Cena then says that Miz is the new face of the WWE and his new goal is to break the face of the WWE. He hands the mic back to Cole, his music hits and he tries to leave, but Cole says he’s not done with his interview. He then starts his Miz praises again. He tries to get under Cena’s skin, and after reminding Cena of how “Miz shut you up on Monday night”, Cena takes off his shirt and tries to go after Cole. But Jack Swagger comes out to his rescue, successfully beating down Cena while Cole cheers him on. Swagger is about to apply the ankle lock, but Cena kicks him out and he goes flying out of the ring. Cena goes after Cole, picking him up to give him an AA, but Swagger comes back in. Cena drops Cole who scurries back to the stage, Swagger tries to clothesline Cena, but Cena ducks and Swagger runs into an AA. Cole quivers in disbelief on the stage as we go to another break.

We’re brought back from break by another promo clip for Sin Cara.

Layla (w/Michelle McCool) vs Kaitlyn
Layla comes out with Michelle McCool in a cast, and it is just Booker and Matthews on commentary. Her opponent Kaitlyn comes out, stopping by Sign Guy to say hi. Another short match here. Kaitlyn looked sharp for the first minute, until McCool got on the apron to get involved, causing a distraction. Layla gets her finisher on Kaitlyn and this match is over quickly. Michelle gets in the ring afterwards, and nails Kaitlyn in the head with her cast.

Winner: Layla (Another short match here as a time killer. Anyone else remember when they actually had good matches that were entertaining?)

They announce that despite the attack on him last week by Cody, Rey will be back tonight and we go to another break.

Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre
Back from break and Mysterio’s music hits to HUGE pop in the arena. And in case anyone is wondering, yes he does have another mask on. Cole is back at ringside on commentary. Drew McIntyre’s music hits as he comes down to the ring to a mixed reaction. Drew gets in control early and even gets a 2 count. Rey gets his wind back and we get another 619 tease as Drew gets out of the way while Rey just dives hops out of the ring. Rey has control for a brief moment on the apron until Drew pushes him into the ringpost. Then Drew hits Rey with a side slam onto the apron just before another commercial break. Back from the break with Drew placing Rey in a surfboard like maneuver. Rey rolls over and gets a 2 count on Drew. Rey is thrown hard into the corner by Drew before another 2 count. They go up to the top for a quick brawl before Drew is knocked back into the ring. Rey hits a splash from the top, then tries a crossbody but misses. A moment later, Rey gets the 619, and after a splash, he gets the pinfall.

Winner: Rey Mysterio with a 619 & a top rope splash.

After the match, Cody comes out to the stage saying he’s still waiting for his answer. He isn’t is usual “dashing” and loud self. I don’t know if it’s just him selling his facial beating he got, or if he’s just lacking in character here. But either way, he’s just not the same. I miss the old Cody, minus the lisp. Rey berates him for taking off his mask last week, saying he wears his mask with pride, and then he’ll beat him at Wrestlemania. Cody flounces off to the back, and after an announcement saying that Triple H will be out next, we go to break.

During the break, the K-Mart commercial with Randy Orton aired, which is rather hilarious. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check it out.

We’re back, and the “Smack Of The Night” is a replay of the Undertaker promo from Monday night. Triple H’s music hits and the pop that follows is the largest of the night by far. The respect for this man by the commentators shows when they maintain their silence during his entire entrance time. Not a word said by the guys, gotta give them credit. Lights are back on & H just lets the crowd go for a minute including chanting his name. He mentions that on Monday The Undertaker reminded him what he is capable of. Triple H then introduces a video montage of what “he does”, which was basically a history lesson of the carnage that he has done throughout his carreer. He talks about what Shawn said on Monday about not having emotion during the match, unlike Shawn at his two matches with The Undertaker. He then talks about his “dark side” and how he can do anything and not have any regrets. He gives much respect to The Undertaker and has a very passionate and fired up promo here. He then says “You made this match No Holds Barred. Thank you.” His music hits and he poses for the crowd.

We’re taken back to the ring as Matt Stryker interviews Christian. He talks briefly about how he and Edge started things ten years ago, Edge then shows up and their tag match is back. Another promo for Snooki and we go to commercial.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge & Christian vs Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay
Back from the break, Clay and Ricky Ricardo, or as I call him “Mr Black Eyes” are already in the ring. Ricky announces Clay, then Del Rio who comes out in a very sweet black Ferrari. Christian is out first to a large pop from the crowd & his left elbow is taped up. Then the world champion is out to a larger pop from the crowd. Christian & Clay start the match off. Christian in control first, he gets Clay to the corner to set up a DDT from the middle turnbuckle. But Del Rio distracts him long enough for Clay to cash in and tosses him back into the ring and the outside. Clay gets Christian back in the ring and tags in Del Rio who starts working on Christians left arm. He rips off th elbow pad, tosses it at Edge and continues on the offensive. Del Rio gets him up on the turnbuckle, then Christian counters with a flying elbow bringing both to the mat. Both crawl to their corners and Del Rio makes the tag to Clay as Christian finally makes the hot tag to Edge who tries a cross body on Clay but to be caught and slammed to the mat. Clay gets a 2 count then throws Edge to the corner. He charges in, but misses. Edge gets “that look in his eye” as Clay recovers in the corner. Edge charges but runs into a clothesline. Clay drags Edge to the corner and tries for a charge of his own, but Edge crawls out of the way. Edge gets back up and is knocked down by Del Rio but then gets taken down by a returning Christian and tossed outside. Clay charges like a rhino at him, but Christian turns it into a tornado DDT. Edge hits a flying elbow from the top rope and get the pinfall. Del Rio still on the floor at ringside as Edge and Christian celebrate. The usual replays and this show is over.

Hello everyone. I am pleased to announce that I am part of the team on WrestlingInc, and that I will be bringing you the WWE Recaps, and maybe the TNA recaps when needed. I am no longer in California, and now living in Florida so I’ll have them up in a timely manner for everyone. I will do my best to keep it clean, accurate, & professional. I’m still one of the minions here, but I’m happy to be a part of the team. Hope you enjoy it as much as I will.