Adam “Edge” Copeland announced his retirement tonight on Monday Night RAW.

In an emotional farewell, “The Rated R Superstar” talked about suffering a broken neck many years ago and said that since then he knew then that his career was on borrowed time.

He said that after WrestleMania he started losing feeling in his arms and went to see a doctor. After an MRI, it was decided that he would need to retire.

Edge re-missed about his career and his past gimmicks. He finished by thanking the fans.

Edge had been mentioning retirement a lot lately. In an interview with earlier this year, Edge stated, “it’s the greatest gig in the world for me, but I know my body can’t keep up with what my mind is telling me.” In a house show in Toronto this past February, he told the crowd, “I might only have a couple more of these visits left in me, and I want to end my career in Toronto. Maybe if ‘Mania is here.”

We hope to have video of Edge’s speech later tonight or early tomorrow morning.